Michael Edwards





When you’re feeling down in the dumps

a bleach and tonic comes up Trumps.



    YOUR exterior you cant hide
    But youll be Whiter than White inside !

    ANGELA HERE - Just enjoying Eggs Benedictine for Breakfast before Im off to manipulate a few bones & stretch a few muscles. Aquatherapy today my Favourite. Not many people get paid to work up to their necks in warm water - now I know how a TEA BAG feels- AMEN. I hp U Steve hasnt been encouraging Junior P to sing !

    Blesings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love Angela & Brian 💜💜💜

    • Michael Edwards

      Hope you enjoyed your brew up - thanks Angela.

    • dusk arising

      A loud guffaw from me on reading this.
      Heinekbleach refreshes the parts other bleaches can't reach. Things just pale into insignificance.

      You are possibly as big a Trump fan as myself. What does it say about the USA mentality when we consider just how popular this 'leader' of theirs is over there.
      Are lies and pathetic excuses, sweeping mistakes under the carpet so ingrained in their society? Replies on a postcard please or recited through a megaphone at roof top level on a west facing beach.

      • Michael Edwards

        It just amazes me that so many are duped by such an ineloquent self- obsessed narrow-minded baboon ( I'm really holding back) but there you go...!i

      • orchidee

        Will Miss Berles try this new drink?!

        • Michael Edwards

          No she prefers bubbly - Bub Berles.

        • Goldfinch60

          Good fun write but with serious overtones, I will leave you to guess what my feelings are for Trump.


          • Michael Edwards

            The same as mine and the vast majority of free tyhinkers methinks.

          • MendedFences27

            Time for a shot of November third. I think your penguins have more common sense. Two lines of "dump Trump" , eloquently expressed. Cheers. - Phil A.

          • myself and me

            Ha, ha ha, make my day.

            • Michael Edwards

              Best comedian on the TV at the moment - we look forward to hearing his comments and reading his tweets. r

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