I think im loosing my mind.

As I close my eyes

The black clouds start taking over

Like a dark mass seeping into my every organ

Hovering over my brain until I drift into somber.

I hate myself in most my dreams

Though you'd probably think in insane,

It's not a choice

Its more of like an ache, or a pain

And somehow when I'm with you

Every ache goes away

Every pain in my chest,

I drift out of somber,

Standing on a cliff at the edge,

Yet instead of falling I'm flying over

My heart forgets to skip,

I'd forgotten how to breathe if I didnt bite my lip, I'm awake now.




  • Goldfinch60

    Fly high A, you will be fine in the wonderful future that will be your life.

  • orchidee

    Oohhh, you might be in love then! Feeling all dreamy, etc.
    What would I know? lol. I seem to swoon at the least 'hot' poem - heehee.

  • myself and me

    You are totally at the right mind. Well penned.

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