Michael Edwards




Well matters came to a head today

so we had a chat.

She said, You don’t listen to what I say’

or something like that.



    GOOD MONDAY UNCLE MIKE - Up Bright & Early today - Beat us to POLE ! Brians cooking Eggs Benedict while I cruise the the WEB. Nice to see Junior has caught his own FISH today.
    Love the Poem - Thats the Divine order of things. God created Adam and then after a few weeks He created Eve to clear up the Mess. Eve was Human Too - BUT - A great improvement on the Prototype in - Form - Frivolity & Function !

    Blessings & Joy to You & Yours
    Love Angela & Brian ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™
    Please check WATERFALLS ... Thanks !

    • Michael Edwards

      He only created two sexes but he still got one wrong - now which one - that is the question.Enjoy your breakfast.

    • jarcher54

      Well, I certainly heard that... every word.

    • Goldfinch60


    • orchidee

      But St Paul 'blames' Eve for first taking the forbidden fruit!
      Has Miss Berles used many syllables? Do people listen to her?!

      • Michael Edwards

        No one listens to her - she Gab Berles too much.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Ha ha - - - the eternal accusation yet that is just what happens in many a "chat " - - - so says the typical female.

        • Michael Edwards

          Men are less likely to engage in small talk and switch off more quickly - well that's certainly the case with me - much to my wifes annoyance - I told you she bought a new blue dress!! Do I really want to know?

        • Neville

          It happens dunnit, even when I'm talking to myself sometimes..

          well often actually.... funny that


          • Michael Edwards

            An idea for a poem comes and then it goes - I put it down to age but then I've been always been like that.

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