More Words

More Words


More words than


Came to me today


Came in droves

Like angry bees



They stung 

While others

Made their way

More peacefully

In single lines

And ordered rows

Some came 

As whispers

Some as

Garbled prose

They came in

Ones and two’s


Floods and flows

Together tho

They each spelt 


Dont’cha know   

Some spoke of


Or miracles

Of unrequited love

And heaven knows

But in a blink

They were all as

Good as gone

No more angry

Bees or whispers

No more

Getting stung

And all before

I saved a single one …




  • Fay Slimm.

    Ah - I love the measured rhyme in these seductive lines describing the Muse who flippantly uses our minds -- a piece of introspection from your pen always takes me to another plane - great stuff again Nev.

    • Neville

      Blessings to ya Fay and true...

    • orchidee

      These words ain't stinging me, not hurting me. Well they would be, if they was in a wasp's nest, and I reached in to fetch them - as I do, of course!

      • Neville

        thank you, nuff said...

      • Christina8

        Oh, I loved this! Very well done, N!!

        • Neville

          Thank you my friend and true ..... Neville

        • Goldfinch60

          Great write and so very true, words can abound within you but as soon as the pen comes out they seem to disappear.


          • Neville

            Cheers GF60, as always a much appreciated visit...... 👍

          • Michael Edwards

            And every word a gem.

            • Neville

              Thank you Michael .. a most welcome visit sir and much appreciated too

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