The RSPB is the *Royal Society for the Protection of Birds* It prohibits the shooting of Feral Birds (except for Specific Birds @ Specific Times) and ALL GUNS in the UK are licensed. The use of Bird harming pesticides (such as DDT) is prohibited and Bird nesting Habitats hedges - Trees - Woodland etc are Protected. Only 10% of the UK is covered by Forest. Love to All ~ Angela - Brian & Smokey Cat  💛💛💛


A VOCET ~ Beautiful Bird on the RSPB crest

B LUE BIRDS ~ Enhance our Gardens every day

C UCKOOS ~ Lay their eggs in another Birds nest

D UCKS ~ Are quite quirky and love to play !

E AGLES ~ Are proud and fly very high 

F ALCONS ~ Are handsome Birds of Prey

G EESE ~ Are so noisy ~ honk all day in the Sky 

H ERRING GULLS ~ Swoop down for fish in the Bay !

I  BIS ~ An Aristo - cratic Bird

J  AYS ~ Bring some colour to your garden plot

K INGFISHERS ~ Seen but never heard

L OVE BIRDS ~ Peep out from their Nesting Box

M AGPIES ~ A greedy & thieving BIRD !


Thanks for visit comments please - Angela - Brian & Smokey !


Brian & I love all Birds and have encouraged them since we moved in to our first Home. Because of CATS (including SMOKEY !) we have made all our Feeders and Bird Baths - Cat & Squirrel proof ! In the UK we have so many Birds & so many Species that we never need an Outdoor Avery and Brian & I would never keep a Caged Bird ~ OK. The VIDEO gives some information about how to safely attract Birds into your Garden. They are another of Gods bountiful blessings - we all enjoy for FREE - AMEN !   



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  • Published: May 28th, 2020 04:30
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  • orchidee

    Lovely write A&B. I not seen any avocets in me garden!

  • Michael Edwards

    Great write although not all are UK birds

  • Fay Slimm.

    Most interesting list of birds and their habits. - - well done again dear duo.

  • Goldfinch60

    I have been bird watching all my life, my dad used to take me out with him when I was a child back in the last century.


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