Michael Edwards




Black lives matter

Brown lives matter

White lives matter



  • Goldfinch60

    Equality for all is must no matter ethnicity or sexual orientation. Respect for all is what matters.


    • Michael Edwards

      Just so - but often undermined by those who play the card and those who flaunt it.

    • orchidee

      A true write and fine pic M.
      Miss Berles checking on the equality of the syllables?!

    • dusk arising

      A point well made and I wholeheartedly agree with. Whilst being in agreement i also feel that being apparently priveledged by the colour of my white skin i feel i should stand by those of other skin colour to support them in their claim that they are my equal in every priveledged respect. I am proud to stand up with my fellow human beings and use my personal ability to say that which some may not have the eloquence to say.

      • Michael Edwards

        When young and having just married a girl of different ethnicity I was called a honky who should stick to his own - this was an awful slur which has stuck with all of my life so I can in some way appreciate how our black colleagues feel who have to suffer much worse. Thanks Dusk.

      • Fay Slimm.

        I agree with each and every line here in your powerful verse Michael.

      • The Uneducated O.A.P

        We are all born equal, but sadly we don't grow up equal.

        • Michael Edwards

          But do we die equal - are we equal in the grave - are our legacies equal?
          My head hurts.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            My head hurts trying to understand racism, it's a sad world when most people are rightly shocked by the photo of whatever it is that's kneeling on Georges neck, and others are rejoicing.

          • AwHec8

            Love Your Poem! Period. Don
            Thing is that because we worship success here (USA) like a god, we think that is a Christlike trait that shows Jesus is on your side. When Jesus stood for everything these so called evangelicals are standing against. As in we could want to be on Jesus's side especially as we live in a time of Grace. By Sharing & Caring, Living & Loving one another individually for who we are. You can't get to the Beauty of someone unless you can get past the ugly you see in yourself.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            HI UNCLE MIKE - Brian here - I have in my hand - A copy of the American Declaration of Independence (4th July 1776) written by Thomas Jefferson. In line 3 it states *All Men are Created Equal* When one visits the USA one very quickly realises it is one of the most UNEQUAL COUNTRIES on Earth to be born into. Also remember that Jefferson himself was a Slave Owner so he was well aware of the disparity betweenTHEIR Social Status compared with HIS. If you listen to Elvis Presleys *In the Ghetto* and consider the *Murder of George Floyd* you realise nothing has really changed and probably never will ! Even @ the point of conception the Inequalities of BIRTH - LIFE - DEATH are indelibly coded in the DNA ! I consider JEFFERSON to be *One of the Greatest US Presidents* but He was a Philosopher & An Idealist Not a Sociologist !

            Your final line should read:
            I agree 100% with the other three !

            Love the ARTWORK *Strangers on the Shore* That is the legacy of COVID 19 on South-End-on-Sea !

            Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
            Love Brian - Angela - Smokey Cat !

            • Michael Edwards

              Surely not 'Despite Inequality' - detracts from the punchiness and not at all poetical - much prefer 'Equality' but it's a matter of choice i guess - yes Jefferson was quite a President. Pleased you like the artwork - it's quite a large canvas and was done for Open Studio this year which is now cancelled.

            • Suresh

              EQUALITY - yes

              But when do we get to write that history........

            • FineB

              Hi Michael,

              A brilliant write.

              Thanks for sharing.

              Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

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