Peculiarly Lauren

Never worth it

Sometimes I feel as though my story is never worth telling. 
never worth it, the time and energy to formulate those words I spend hours searching for with my inner voice. 
it's the little hand that knocks quietly at the door. Loud enough to grab your attention but you have the option to ignore because it's not demanding enough to hold it. 

Sometimes I feel as though my story is never worth telling. 
even when another woman tells hers and I can't help but feel like I need to look down or I'm brought back to that same place with those same events. I shake my head when I hear it's PTSD but I never thought I'd ever have such a thing. 

and then sometimes I feel as though my story is worth telling. But my voice is so loud and rigid. I'm able to hold back the tears but you can see that some times the way I describe how much pain I was in at the time and wanted to scream for help that it's the amount of times I've had to tell the story is what keeps me from falling apart. 

it's that sometimes I feel as though my story is worth telling because in my own way I feel like it was another person or another part of me that no longer exists but I can maybe save the next or lessen the pain to a another woman who sits in the hole like I do to. 


  • Goldfinch60

    Every body has a story worth telling within them.



    I love it.


    I love it.

  • dusk arising

    Telling a story of life's effect on us can be beneficial to those experiencing something in their own life. No book can be read just by looking at the cover. Your cover does not reveal what you have lived through to bring you to today.

    I sat down with my mum in her nineties and quizzed her about her life before she met my long departed dad. I was amazed at the stuff she did when she was a young woman and a jolliness came into her as she told of those times. I am so glad for the both of us that we had that conversation.

  • peto

    Super read Lauren
    I feel this is just the beginning of what you have to say
    Look forward to hearing your voice

  • Mads

    Exactly... couldn’t say it better myself...

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