Fay Slimm.

Less Trodden.



Less Trodden.


Key-stone of much conformity
hides in banality while
trite persuasion phrases straight
formalized lines.
Break with staid and difference
will strip tightly laced
to let in un-restraint and stretch
mere credulity.

Breach convention, invite insight,
then watch back-to-front
scribing turn mental somersaults
to violate customary.
Peer squint-eyed, allow curiosity
to welcome the Muse 
revitalize by refusing an orthodox
commonplace pathway.

Sail out of a usual bathe in oddity
find rarer anomaly,
peruse free-style then decide on
being non-ordinary.
Leave safe-shore solidity, sound
down with the lateral,
adopt mind-sets of dissimilarity
and leave norm bound.


Twist to seeing back-sidedness
verse the non-profound,
think more about quirky and less 
around the accepted. .
Keeping an ear close to authentic 
reveals originality yet
less trodden adds its own flavour 
to what is poetic.


  • Goldfinch60

    Strange I was talking with a friend yesterday about life and where we will go and she has been on this earth longer than I have but she still always looks for those untrodden paths and unopened doors as the wonder that can be there is so exciting.
    Wondeful words Fay.


  • orchidee

    Well I would, but on country walks I have to keep to tracks, or I don't know where I may end up!
    Books: 'The way less travelled' or similar title? I'm travelling it less, that's a fact, due to I can't understand some of the book! lol.

  • dusk arising

    Is this a sly poke in the eye for those who churn out 'poetry' in their imitation of classic poetic style perhaps encouraging to be a little more 'original'?

    To be honest, since my juvenile days, I have never been able to fit in among the bank holiday crowd mindset and always seek the different. Often becoming unpopular for seeing an alternative way but nonetheless containing the mindset that it is 'my' way.

    Poetry is more than the grown up version of nursery rhymes and once one frees ones self from the restriction of classic influence ... the world of well chosen words lays ahead.

    And you do it so well.
    signed.... A fan

  • Michael Edwards

    Now it's my turn to heap the praises - your ability to weave words is above and beyond - another masterpiece dear Fay.


    Good Evening FAY - WE love it when you assume your School Maam stance and give us a bit of instruction Poetrywise ! Being under 40 - Angela & I are still in the Poetic Kindergarten ! We need role models like Yourself ! Consequently we use Classical Forms like ACROSTICS (limits the length of the Poem) Pantoums which repeats each line and Pseudo Sonnets - limited ti 14 lines and SHAPE POEMS limited by Geometry. W e dont know long a Poem should be - do You ? Our SUBJECTS are never abstract - but about things of Time & Sense - Like Shopping - Science _ Smokey. Pehaps in time we will present mor original and *Less Troden* Poems. However I would point out that your poem - although in *Free Verse* it has a Rhythm LONG LINE - SHORT LINE - LL -SL - LL - SL - LL - SL but is not IAMBIC - Subtle ! However it is divided into four neat octains and it sure looks like a *proper* POEM ! However it is NOT constrained by Rhyme or Rythm as many of our Poems are. However to show we are open to *Critique Positive* we will post a riposte *The Path not Taken* a Collaboration. It is not in a Classical Style - It has 26 lines (We ran out of words !) and an irregular verse pattern. It has no Full - Half or Infernal Rhyme. However because we are *Performance Poets* - and would want to recite it after Yours - It does have Rhythm ! Lines are IAMBIC and alternately Pentameter (10) & Tetrameter (8). It is a Parable therefore not abstract. Your *Critque Positive* would be appreciated !

    Love - Peace - Joy as always
    Yours Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

  • Accidental Poet

    I'm reminded of an idea I had for "thinking outside the box". I'll have to re-investigate the matter thanks to this poke in the side. An awesome write Fay. Straight to my favs.

  • Suresh

    Isn't it strange that what is indelible etched in our mind is what doesn't conform.
    As always a wonderful poem.

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