Michael Edwards

Another 575


Electric current

A jolt of adrenalin

Feel the excitement


  • Fay Slimm.

    Am shocked with 575 excitement and love your new border Mike ....... gardens ares a place of enjoyment with chosen changes made over time.

    • Michael Edwards

      Still got quite a bit to do but it is looking good - thanks Fay.

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      Great border Michael, didn't know what a 575 was until I googled.so my first (and last ) attempt, here goes

      Sat an Haiku test
      I failed it miserably
      Thicko that I am

      Left myself open to ridicule! Lol and lol, Bill

      • Michael Edwards

        The officionadoes of this genre can get a bit up their own rear entrances arguing that this isn't strictly within the formal description of a senryu or a haiku so I call them 757s - saves getting into a debate.

        Yours is just fine - I do like it!

        Cheers Bill

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Thanks Michael. I dont understand any of the rules of poetry ,nor do I want to, I just write rubbish that pops into my single diminishing brain cell, Get your shorts ready for next week,it gonna get warm, Bill

        • dusk arising

          Hmm for me arithmetic and poetry should be kept a long way away from each other...... perhaps with an electric fence between, or maybe one of those electric shock collars around the poets neck.

          (No poets were harmed during the writing of this comment. If this comment has affected you in any way please consult this months edition of basic electric circuits for enthusiasts edited by D.C. Flashman)

          • Michael Edwards

            Electric fences can be useful - they can give you sparks of inspiration.
            Cheers dusk.

          • Accidental Poet

            Must look awesome after sunset.

          • MendedFences27

            Too many times was I bitten and felt that jolt, which explains a lot.
            Haikus and Senryus have broad subject matter such as Nature and Humanity. I guess everything else is your 575. I truly related to this one.
            P.S. - We have moved and I miss my garden. - Phil A.

            • Michael Edwards

              I would be like a caged animal without my garden - I've already wandered out in my dressing gown (it's a private enclosed garden) and it's still ony minutes after 7am.

            • Goldfinch60

              I touched that live wire
              it threw me up in the air
              I became shocking.


              • Michael Edwards

                twiddle not the live
                try to avoid the neutral
                come back down to earth

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