Michael Edwards






Seen through dirty window panes

from sandstone floors once swept of dust

beneath thin veils of peeling cloud

the breezes filter through the trees

and whisper indistinctively.


With contiguity of growth

the spectral arms of distant boughs

point far beyond the rutted tracks

long chiselled deep by labouring wheels

on summer nights like these.


And in those far remoter scenes

lie lands where rainbow dreams reside

and lost souls live in calm content

as worries fade in drifting tides

of slumbers reassurance.


  • Goldfinch60

    Both creations are fine to me Michael.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - a serious one long time coming.

    • orchidee

      And both fine to me too!
      How do we know we have had 40 winks? Do we count them while we are dozing? Will Miss Berles allow 41 winks, or is that too many?
      What am I talking about? If we dunno what we're on about, how will others know?! lol. The heat's driving me mad - that's my excuse.
      Miss B. will now explain to me: 'contiguity'!

      • Michael Edwards

        What if we only get 30 winks - do we wake up early? Do we wink when asleep? What's this all about? Who is Miss Berles?

        • orchidee

          She that syllable-checking person. Along with Fido, she makes sure nothing too 'ardourous' or 'exciting' gets on here! lol.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Oh Michael. The image you conjour with these intriguing lines is so powerful - a tale in the telling and here's to another installment perhaps. Great stuff as always. - - and p.s. - I love your unique bird-table arrangement.

          • Michael Edwards

            I have a verse randomly written which goes well with this - I'll post it tomorrow. Thanks so much for your kind comments which are always so well appreciated.

          • Laura๐ŸŒป


            I love them both.
            Bravo Maestro!


            • Michael Edwards

              Gee thanks Laura - now it's back to the brush and pen.

              • Laura๐ŸŒป

                My pleasure, Michael.

                I always look forward to your โ€˜brush and penโ€™.


              • Neville

                I'm with the rest of the gang Michael...

                an excellent poem and a very unique bit o sculptin sir...


                • Michael Edwards

                  Ta N - it does look good in the border even if it's not used by the birds - must get some fat balls!

                  • Neville

                    ... take it easy mate, you dont wanna be laid up with the weather like it is... ๐Ÿ™‚

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                  • dusk arising

                    Today i wandered with your words and journeyed along the tracks lit through a hazy dust and enjoyed a relaxation into a fantasy of childlike fairy tale land from afar.
                    Then somebody knocked my door. Reality can be such a rude awakening. I really enjoyed this piece.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Thanks dusk. Hope you didn't twist your ankle in the ruts
                      Actually i'm not that happy with the final line - must think about it - suggestions on a postcard please.

                      • Michael Edwards

                        How about:
                        'and reason exercises sense'

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                      • The Uneducated O.A.P

                        Great words and bird table, but Michael how are those poor birdies getting up there? There's no ladder!

                        • Michael Edwards

                          Haven't designed the ladder yet - but I'll be providing parachutes for their descent.

                          • The Uneducated O.A.P

                            Let's hope they don't have a cat astrophic landing,

                          • ANGELA & BRIAN

                            Angela here - Good Friday Evening Uncle Mike ! Just catching up on MPS after a hard day in my clinic ! Love the *Table d*Oiseaux* the height is important to stop rodents stealing the Food etc. We have similar on a 5ft Pole which is ideal.. Squirrels & Cats & Rats could possibly scale your support ?
                            Love the POEM. Nice structure three balanaced *Free verse Quintets*. V 1. The view fom any window is evocative ! V 2. The view not only evokes Nature but also Rustic Human activity. V 3. Living beyond (and before) the here & now ~ AMEN !

                            A suggested last line as requested in your reply to DA
                            *FLUID PIXEL RUMINATIONS* That's just Girl Talk !
                            Brians suggestion is *THE EBB & FLOW OF FANTASIES*

                            Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
                            Love Angela & Brian & Smokey !

                            • Michael Edwards

                              I doubt if mice or rats will make the ascent - we do have the occasional squirrel in the garden but thankfully no cats which are allowed to go feral by their owners (don't get me on the subject of cats) but having said all that it is as much about sculptural form as it is about function so even if it is never visited it still makes a great point of interest.


                            • Suresh

                              I can just visualize multitudes of birds visiting, if only to sing a chorus as you recite these words of yours.

                            • Accidental Poet

                              Two masterpieces from the master himself. I bet the birds are frequent visitors.

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