dusk arising

messing with the clock


to turn back the clock
and live again those times
those moments
which moved me on
where would i be
who would i not have met

what opportunities missed
lips not kissed
words never spoken
hearts left unbroken
a once aspiring achiever
became sardonic disbeliever
spiritually enriched
christianity ditched

put my life into hock?
and turn back the clock?
well i'd maybe ease the tension
with a more rewarding pension
but theres only one real wealth
mind and body's good health
and a peel of laughter
to greet the hereafter

to turn back the clock
and live again those times
those moments
which moved me on
where would i be
who would i not have met

what...  and lose my glorious memories
you must be joking


  • Fay Slimm.

    Ah - - you verse with wisdom the foibles of wanting the clock turned back - -- love that final punch-line on the foolishness of losing fond memories..... couldn't agree more where real wealth lies my friend.

    • dusk arising

      Living, loving, longevity. Luxuriating lavished, lulled, lightly lubricated, long lost loves losses. Likely lamenting lascivious lingering, loitering lyrically loquacious. Lessons learned, lately loomed large!

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Careful what you wish for eh?

      Love the ending here DA wise words indeed


      • dusk arising

        Wouldn't have it any other way eh?

      • orchidee

        A fine write dusk. I thought it was gonna be about BST, and mucking about with the clocks then!

      • Accidental Poet

        Time goes forward only. But your mind can take you anywhere you want da. Travel safe. ; )

      • Neville

        Now ya messin with me head so you are... I am not sure whether I would turn back the clock if given the chance and or the means.... I have often thought about this, as I'm sure most of us do, particularly as we get older.... There are certainly loads of good memories I would like to hang on to, whereas the not so good times are a different kettle of fish altogether....

        I do like your writing style DA and you certainly have the knack of making the page look good...


        • dusk arising

          Thanks Neville, I always appreciate your words. Yes, games we are playing from a privileged stance.... we have such memories and the inner smile they smugly provide.

        • Bragee

          True understanding of life expressed here. Without our experiences and memories we have nothing.

          • dusk arising

            Thanks for commenting Bragee. I'm still undecided though i know i'll not be given the opportunity to go back. On the other hand i'm a believer in reincarnation but that's a very deep and complex subject.

          • Michael Edwards

            I'm with you. I don't regret a thing complacent - no. Gratefull - yes.

          • Goldfinch60

            What if? once more raises its head.
            We have all said that but as Andrew has said the ending is so very true and there are so many wonderful memories to be had.


            • dusk arising

              There are moments which still make me cringe when i think of them and experience the wish that the earth would open up and swallow me but there are of course the glorious times and the tear jerkers which prove you've lived a bit.

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