Grieving... Again

Edward Charles McDevitt

Who knew that it would still be so hard on me to grieve,

Especially after a year it's odd to fathom or believe.

Yes, a year this month, losing a Husband and my Mother,

The pain that I feel deep down, wondering does another?

Feel the aching that I have in the pit of my Soul,

Burning me so bad, like hot embers or piece of coal.

I find myself thinking and reliving of the past,

Hoping all the memories I have inside will last.

Wishing them back, is selfish and simply cannot be,

Yet I can't stop and my thoughts are destroying me.

I know I must cease, as life does move on,

Put things in perspective and, realize they're gone.

The grief that I am feeling, didn't just suddenly start,

Yet it grips me so badly, and is tearing at my heart.

I know my heart will heal as the time passes me by,

And, as I'm thinking about them, tears will fill my eye.

I must face the mirror, and tell him not to cry,

For the final words I said, were not the last goodbye.

I must end these rambling thoughts going through my mind,

Because one thing I know, is to myself I must be kind.

When you lose someone you love, grieving you must do,

It's just one of those things in life, everyone goes through!


  • dusk arising

    I have never lost someone i am really close to. I can empathise with the feeling in your writing today though. In writing about your feelings and those you've lost there will be a healing. Each word, respectfully penned, a heartfelt tribute to the love shared.
    Do keep writing, don't post it all on mps, but keep writing, let your feelings flow.

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      Thanks for the comments, Dusk Arising. Your comments are like poetry in itself. I do write quite a lot and, not just on this site. Thanks again for your inspiring comments. They are appreciated and I shall take them to heart...

    • Goldfinch60

      I lost my wife six months ago so I know that grief but I came across some words recently that certainly helped me:
      "When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind."

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Beautiful words to live by Goldfinch.. My condolences on your loss. I know what you're going through and I feel for you my friend...

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