Michael Edwards




Beneath umbrageous canopies

the contiguity of growth

forms adamantine barriers

where brambles arc in underwood.



There lost  in damp obscurity

and muffled by the quaggy moss,

a stolid land with sounds unheard

in supernatural silences.



And in the grey of leaden dawn

the chilling tones of slate blue skies

reflect  in drops of cold wet dew;

in lands where no men tread.








  • Goldfinch60

    As I see those lands ahead
    Those lands where no men tread,
    I see that wondrous piece of art
    Which pulls me strongly to its heart.
    So along those lands I'll go
    And to that painting I will bow.


    • Michael Edwards

      Ah that's a great response - thanks Andy.

    • orchidee

      It's all right for some, ain't it, being umbrageous! *Gets out dictionary*.
      I know that quaggy moss, and horse manure, along a track, so deep I had to turn back and take the long route!
      How are Miss Berles ram-berles these days? Where does she go?

      • Michael Edwards

        Some say I'm very umbrageous - thick?

      • Fay Slimm.

        The force of your words along with the strength of texture and colour in your artwork makes this posting one to remember - into my faves with this little gem .................

        • Michael Edwards

          I'm always in your debt dear Fay - I love writing these type of pieces but I find they do take a long time - this one was sitting in my draft tray for many days.

          • Fay Slimm.

            I know the feeling Mike - - some of my work takes an age to come near to what I intended to write.............. so glad you liked the piece on Absorbing my friend.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            I see a |HOOFPRINT in your DAUB
            A painting into *Paths not trod* of course
            When I venture into *Lifes Hidden Orb*
            I always saddle up my Horse !
            It give me height & Horspower Might
            Saves me a-pricking from the Gorse !

            ANGELA HERE - Good Morning Uncle Mike !
            Lovely symbiotic & ethereal Pic & Poem.
            Like FAY I too have added both to my FAVES !

            Love it when you wax lyrical
            Love - Peace & Joy - ANGELA !

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks A&B - trying to wax at the moment but it keeps melting.

            • Accidental Poet

              Excellent poetry and artwork Michael.

            • dusk arising

              What? .. no slugs and creepy crawlies, no snot hanging from trees?
              I wouldn't go to lands like that......

              But this wonderful place you describe has me enthralled.... i wish to explore, indeed i already have. Re reading is so rewarding here.
              The reality of places seldom romanced into poetry.
              A must also for my fav's. You certainly can turn out some real beauties.

              • Michael Edwards

                It's gracious comments like yours that spur me on and give me the encouragement to keep writing - I am in your det - thank you kind friend.

              • Neville

                I swear I posted a comment here earlier....

                It seems I was either wrong, or the site could of course be haunted... whatever the case, This is an impressive post Michael... Stay safe


                • Michael Edwards

                  A phantom comment in lands where no men tread. Thank you so much Neville.

                • Maxine Smith

                  Such a picturesque read Michael.

                  Very well penned.

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