PSALM 8 ~ which is in both the JEWISH & the CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES goes on to state ~ *GOD made MAN ruler over Life on Planet Earth.  Flocks & Herds ~ Birds of the Air and Fish of the Sea ! An Awesome responsibility !* The Scriptures clearly teach that MAN is  GODS unique Creation (More ANGEL than APE !). Placed on Planet Earth with the Ability & Intelligence to manage & control & sustain a LIVING PLANET !  How are we doing so far ? !     


GOD MADE MAN ~ Responsible for Life on Planet Earth

GOD gave MAN the ability to understand the BIRDS & BEES

MAN still has to prove ~ of this task he is Worth !


MAN has this ability from the Day of His Birth

GOD gave Him the ability ~ for cultivating PLANTS & TREES

GOD MADE MAN ~ Responsible for Life on Planet Earth



A task which should be treated with respect and not with mirth

GOD gave MAN Intelligence to comprehend Life Mysteries 

MAN still has to prove ~ of this task he is worth !


Today MAN has a problem controlling Life on Earth

Because He is responsible for Global Warming ~ getting worse

GOD MADE MAN ~ responsible for Life on Planet Earth !


MANKIND knows through Global Warming ~ things are worse

Impossible to reverse it ~ the Ice Caps wont refreeze

MAN still has to prove ~ of this task He is worth!


Population is still rising ~ Thing are getting worse

Life is tough with COVID 19 ~ in Pandemic Days like these

GOD MADE MAN responsible for Life on Planet Earth

MAN still has to prove ~ of this task He is Worth !


Thanks for visit comments welcome LOVE ~ ANGELA & BRIAN


This POEM is presented as a VILLANELLE an old French Form of classic Poetry in which two key lines are oft repeated. It consists of 19 lines in Five triplets & One quatrian. The Rhyming pattern is interesting and specific. In the POEM above I have colour coded it io make the repetition clear ~ OK. Upper case denotes Repetition. Repeated lower case letter denote the same rhyme !  Please note there are only two rhyming sounds in the POEM  a (starting with EARTH in line one) and b (starting with BEES in line two).  When composing a Villanelle you have to chosse your two rhyming words carefully !  Why not try one !   


A1 b A2   a b A1   a b A2   a b A1   a b A2   a b A1 A2



  • orchidee

    Good write A&B. Yes, we are the care-takers. I will enjoy the poem when I understand the algebra at the end!


      Good Morning Uncle Steve ~ Thanks for your comment. It is patently obvious to Angela & I ~ as Christians & Scientists that is a unique Animal ~ Created just a little *Lower than the Angels in Iamgo Deo* and NOT Evolved just a little *Higher then the Apes* ! There cannot be a *Living Planet* without Gods creative intervention and God chose Planet Earth (Third Planet in the Soar System) to be that Planet ! We are infinitely blessed to be Humans living on Planet Earth in the 21st C. All that God asks in reurn is that we use or corporate intellect to Sustain & Conserve our Planet ~ AMEN ! As you know the ALGEBRA is the classical notation used to denote RHYME PATTERN in classical Poetry !

      Blessing & You to YOU & YOUR Snooping Snoopy !
      Love in the Spirit ~ Angela & Brian & Smokey Cat !

    • Michael Edwards

      Not an easy form to write as I know only too well and if not careful you can compromise the poetry for the sake of adhering to the form. Anyway it works well here - good write A&B.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks Uncle MIKE pleased You enjoyed it ! It took all my spare time YESTERDAY to write it ~ so I then saved as draft and posted in the morning slot. When it works it is very satisfying ! It is an ORAL FORM so it needs to scan as well as RHYME. I agree with you these two factors can *Confuse the Muse* GOLDFINCH is a prime example of excellent *Free Verse* and always from the heart. The greatest strength (and delight) of MPS is it is a POETRY SITE so all genres & subjects are welcome ~ AMEN !

        Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
        Love Angela & Brian πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

      • Fay Slimm.

        A fine contribution of classic poetry on which you have obviously worked very hard - the subject of being on planet earth a carers is one I clearly endorse - -- hugs to you both...........

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Good Morning FAY ~ Brian here ! Thanks for your encouraging comments. It took me all my spare time Yesterday ~ so I saved it as DRAFT and posted it in the Morning Slot. The RHYME PATTERN looks complicted BUT ~ When it works it works. We always use some *HALF-RHYME* as *FULL RHYME* is difficlt to mintain in a VILLANELLE as well as preserving the flow - form & function of the Poem. Also bearing in mind the Villanelles are an oral form of Poetry ~ to be remembered & recited ~ AMEN !

        Blessings & Peace & Joy
        Love Brian & Angela πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

      • 🐀s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

        Wow a villanelle, yayy!! And I totally agree that man was more angelic than apish. Yes man still has to prove his worth since his material rapacious ways are indeed destroying the planet. I like that refrain and your entire poem is fabulous and inspiring. Kudos . You write as a couple together right?

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        BRIAN HERE ~ GREETINGS SISTER ~ Yes most of our Poems are COLLABORATIONS. WE have an idea (singly or together) and then hone it until it is ready to POST. I do most of the posting & commenting because ANGELA is very busy at work as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and I have been on LOCKDOWN. Back @ work full-time next week. Man @ his best is an ANGEL (Ladies are mostly ANGELS !) Man @ his worst can be worse than an APE ! Pleased you enjoyed our Poem & Elvis !

        Peace & Joy & Love to You & Yours
        Brian & Angela & Smokey Cat !

      • Suresh

        As a poem, it is very well writ, and enjoyable.
        But in reality according to Genisis, God made the Plants first and then the animals and lastly humans. It's in the third attempt God gave humans superiority over plants and animals, and you have poeticised that calamity quite well.

      • Lutalican


        What a great write! As an environmental science and ecology major I am learning all about mans impacts on the natural world. From global warming to extinctions. As I have read through your poetry, I Have enjoyed the individualism each poem contains. In style, subject, and rhyme. I look forward to reading more of your work.


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