Outside the Window

Rainy Sunday.
The sky is the same
tone of gray it has been
almost every day
for a month.


Faded lilacs
across the way
do little
to contrast the
oppressive dreariness.


I wish
that the kids
had been out
creating graffiti
with their chalk


so that we could
today have seen
a river of many colors

                                   -Jeff Barnes


  • Goldfinch60

    That image of a river of many colours is appealing.

    Welcome to MPS.

    • JeffBarnes

      Thank you very much!


      GOOD EVENING JEFF ~ BRIAN HERE ~ Welcome to MPS . It is a proactive site which operates by reading & commenting on each other Poetry ~ OK. Thanks for an elegant first Poem which is a very apt comment on the effect of COVID 19 an the Whole Planet ! Gray Skies - Faded Flowers - Silent Streets - Lockeddown Kids - Pristine Streets ! Love your last verse *A Street sans Graffiti is lifeless !* Thanks for caring please check our (Youg Married Couple) site ~ THANKS A & B !

      Joy & Peace & Love
      Yours Brian & Angela !

      • JeffBarnes

        Thank you, Angela & Brian! Yes, this poem was written on a dreary day during the quarantine. Thanks for your comments and friendship!

      • Michael Edwards

        Only just found this and love the simple but so effective style - great write.

        • JeffBarnes

          Thank you, Michael!

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