Michael Edwards







In cloak of dark a sombre man

who with returning scrutiny

could scarce discern a cold glance thrown

nor countenance a spoken charge.


Bound not by any man-made law

and ignorant of moral sin

with jaundiced views of life’s decree

a pompous  self-indulgent man

in self-inflicted ridicule

who disaffects society.




  • MelissaJA

    Well written, I love the wordage used here.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Melissa - I usually take some time putting my serious works together but this one just came to me in one sitting as it were.

    • Goldfinch60

      So apt Michael after reading Neville's words of yesterday.


    • dusk arising

      LOL if your piece were placed before him i doubt he could make sense of it.

      However. What a huge difference his election and continued home popularity displays between UK and USA's values and standards of integrity.

      P.S. you're fired!

      • Michael Edwards

        I'm sure he wouldn't understand it but, there again, not sure I can lol

      • orchidee

        He might be on the way out, later in the year - we can all hope! Maybe he got appointed as a novelty.
        Is this about Lord Berle-Ington too?! lol.

        • Michael Edwards

          Who knows?
          Could be - is he the one who owns the Berle-Esque theatre?

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Lovely painting Michael, Trumps all the others, great words too, Bill

        • Fay Slimm.

          With you in these words of present discernment on what constitutes pomposity both near or far in countries given to dictatorship policy.

        • Neville

          I am honoured that my little poetic scribble has been both bettered and the principal character well and truly put to shame.... nice un Michael


          • Michael Edwards

            You're too kind, Surely not bettered - they are both distinctly different and get the message across - I hope.

          • MendedFences27

            Maybe you spelled "Steel" wrong? With this guy it ought to be "Steal."
            Otherwise, a perfect rendition of his immorality, corruption, and in my mind treason. November is coming!
            Thanks for stirring the passion. - Phil A.

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