dusk arising

an interesting day


It was entry into
a new world
Half way up the stairs
she stopped
only to ask
if the roses
on the bed
were mother's.
The breeze
out side
the window
tossed his
hair around.
In the
Jennie's kitten
was hiding from
some daft
barking mutt.
Behind an empty
Daft kitten.
50Hz a.c. lightbulbs
were never audible
before today
but he
could count
the Hertz. Every
damn one of them.
The doorhandle
screetched through
worn out
as Mandy
the door.
Stale dusty
tickled his
nasal hair before
a sudden
involuntary sneeze
wracked his body.
That can't have
been sugar
in those sachets
he'd picked up.
Birdwing flutter
sounds outside
distracted him.
The mirror
caught Mandy
He was suddenly
Sugar or not
today was going
to be interesting.


  • Goldfinch60

    As we arise each day and explore our lives
    Age shows us that another day in our lives is good
    And in our long lives we realise
    Every day is interesting.


    Another set of music and musicians for me to explore d a. Thank you.

    • dusk arising

      There's a drug involved in this one.

    • Michael Edwards

      Enjoyed listening to the music but enjoyed your poem even more. An original and highly engaging work - a top notch write.

      • dusk arising

        Verbal pictures maybe, leads a reader to their own artwork I hope, I just frame it.

      • orchidee

        Should I try some of that 'sugar'? And should I meet this gal? Or would it be too much for me? lol.

        • dusk arising

          Worry more for fidos future, the cat is not forgiving.

        • Fay Slimm.

          A tale to take the imagination to heights of wanting a sequel - - - a compelling read of happenings that only your pen knows how to describe.D..A.

          • dusk arising

            Like i replied to M.E. I lead a reader to create their own picture, i just provide the frame here. Or maybe a view.

          • L. B. Mek

            great example of structure complimenting delivery,
            cascading glimpses at a stream of consciousness: revealing and witty,
            brilliant write

            • dusk arising

              A method I've dabbled with as the inspiration falls to me but i wonder how many pick up the clues. This one is about drugs.

            • Unsub


              possibly your best in style, theme, structure & delivery. I am sure you will one day become a poet.



              ps. seriously I loved this one.

              • dusk arising

                There's song in there somewhere...... your red scarf matches your eyes, you closed your cover before striking, father has the shift fitter blues.... etc

              • Neville

                Seriously ... this is seriously good .. and even then some .. no kiddin ..

                ... an interesting day just got .... x

                • dusk arising

                  Always appreciate your comments Neville. It takes a certain train of thought for a reader to work out stuff like this and i have no doubt you see it without challenge. Occasionally i get the train of thought to write it which can be a challenge for me.

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