Michael Edwards







I’ve not told you before

but here is the score

it’s to do with my guts

I’m allergic to nuts

a fact I hid well

before leaving my shell.


  • Goldfinch60

    I wish I was allergic to nuts, if there are peanuts in the house they are not there for long!


    • Michael Edwards

      I'm the same - in fact any type of nuts are unsafe when
      I'm around.

    • orchidee

      Good write and pic M.
      Hope Gertie Caria stays away!


      ANGELA HERE ~ Good Tuesday Uncle Mike ~ First Clinic not till 2pm (14:00 hrs !) so a bit of time for a browse on MPS. Fay was on SEA SHELLS yesterday and now you are on NUT SHELLS today ! Oddly enough in my Profession the HARD BIT ~ BONE (Calcium Phosphate) is in the Middle and the soft bit - tissue & skin in on the outside ! Love your ODD ODES ! Because I deal with SKELITA & BRIAN with 3D organic molecules we prefer 3D to 2D Art and 3D Symmetry ~ we love your quirky *objects d*arte* thanks for sharing. WE are trying to revive FUSIONS and our latest is on ECO~POETRY please check and add an ODE if you wish. There are only 10 slots left ! Miss Angela regrets she is not posting a *normal* poem today !

      Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
      Love Angela - Brian & Smokie Cat !

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks for your encouraging and positive reply - always appreciate your feedback.

      • Unsub


        Love it.

        I’m allergic to nuts too! (Religious Nuts!)


        • Michael Edwards

          Cheers unsub and, yes, I aoso am alergic to the over zealous religious or otherwise.

        • dusk arising

          A real cracker!

          Love that sculpture too.

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks dusk - I love doing these little sculptures - I make them out of found wood which I mould and assemble as my fancy takes me. I love the textures and establishing form - will post a few more over the coming week.

            • dusk arising

              A few months back when i was is hospital i wrote about an old bench I sat on outside on a balcony. Its hardwood armrests were aged and deeply hollowed into the grain. It inspired me to write thinking about all those who had sat there before me and those who would follow. The nature of wood has a soul which communicates with us.

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            • MendedFences27

              Liked your "nutty" bit of humor. Nut allergies are serious business. Know someone who has suffered greatly with the problem.My personal problem is "shell"fish. You just have to have the "guts" to face it. So far the fish are ahead 4 nil. -Phil A.

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