Michael Edwards






Please don’t tempt me

with a glass half empty

but if you should do so

as everyone here knows

it’s easier to sup

(although not to top up)

if the half at the bottom is at the top.



  • Goldfinch60

    I would still rather have a full glass Michael - mines a Rioja if you're offering.


  • orchidee

    Oh lol good write and pic M. There's similar in a Laurel & Hardy clip. They have one drink between them. They agree to drink half each. Laurel drinks it all, then says 'My half was on the bottom!'

    • Michael Edwards

      He should have drunk it upside down.

    • dusk arising

      Thats arse about face.

      Madam, may i top your bottom up?

      Gladys, he topped my bottom.

    • MendedFences27

      Bottoms up! Make mine a Guiness. Beautiful drawing. Love the comedy of your poem. Whether half-full or half-empty I'll drink it. Next round, please! - Phil A.

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