Fay Slimm.






Cats eat up affection straight from the cradle.
Whisker-faced wizards, they hate discipline
And set forth every day, being cleverly able
To become our jailors they by nature begin.

Yet like them we do.

With mournful miouws, implore eye to eye
When meeting no smile my kitty then noses
with intent at legs and will brook no denial
As by pupil-wide slyness she licks my toes.

Yet love them we do.

Designed to break hearts but still hold sway.
Furry dictators come in all shapes and sizes
Yet have what it takes to get their own way
With a quiet-cat attitude their best disguise.

Yet prize them we do.

Fraught with me-ism favoured purrs rationed
Her whim reveals my kitty's thought patterns.

Yet need them we do.


  • dusk arising

    Superior beings every last one of them. Some people hate them for that. I adore cats and I adore dogs too I hasten to add.

    You've captured some typically cat and kitten characteristics here. But where is the shock pain of a kitten climbing up my trouser leg as i open a can of cat food?

    Oh to be as lithe as a cat and as luxuriantly lazy as a cat at rest too. Definitely one of the top life forms on the planet.

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

  • Michael Edwards

    At the risk of repeating myself - whilst I do not dislike cats even if they do look down on man I do rail against their owners who are too lazy to take them for walks and instead allow them to wander free wreaking havoc with wild life and in other peoples gardens. If responsible cat breeders can exercise their charges without setting them free then why can't other cat owners? Dog owners would never get away with it.

    Rant over - another fine write Fay.

  • MendedFences27

    Cats - Too mysterious to comprehend. From Lions and Tigers to household pets, they remain aloof and powerful.
    Your poem captures their station in life and our response to it brilliantly. Loved it.- Phil A.


    BRIAN HERE ~ Good Evening FAY ~ Love the septet of CATZ in your photo ~ what LUCK would seven bring ! SMOKEY has transedformed our lives in a couple of Months ~ my mantra has always been *Home is where the CAT is !* I love Poems which eulogise CATZ and this one is A*

    V 1. They beguile us ~ Yet we LIKE thwm
    V 2. They spook us ~ Yet we LOVE them
    V 3. CATZ rule - OK ~ Yet we still PRIZE them
    V 4. Every trick in the Book ~ Yet we still NEED them !

    CATZ are as infectious as C-19 ~ let one
    into your HOUSE and they take over ~ BUT
    We Like - Love - Prize and always NEED THEM ~ AMEN !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy & Love
    Angela - Brian & Angela & Smokey Cat
    Please check *POTTY PROVERBS* Thanks !

  • Goldfinch60

    Although t is a wonderful write Fay the arrogance of cats is so powerful.

    But as a bird watcher I always refer to the nastiness of cats as for every bird a raptor takes for food a cat will take four hundred to play with!! As Michael has said - they need controlling by their owners.



  • Dove

    Cats get a bad wrap! Yet I am smitten
    All my cats are tamed
    Though the first one I had did venture next door
    Got stuck on the roof, had to get my ladder

    Nice poem

  • Michael Edwards

    So sorry you are having problems Fay - interested to know if you recieve an email advising of this comment.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Yes I have received it Michael and also have had another password forwarded to me -- so grateful that I am able to read and comment once more. Thanking you sincerely for helping me get the sudden mistake sorted dear friend.

      • Michael Edwards

        It's my pleasure - so pleased you are back on line dear Fay. If anyone deserves to be here it's you.

      • Neville

        I'm very much a dog lover.. I kinda like cats too, the big ones mind.. not so much the so called domesticated type... wouldn't hurt one tho ... and anyways... back to business... this is by far the best pussy poem I have read in ages and no kiddin :)

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