I AM The Light Of The World

Tune: Newcastle

('Eternal Light! Eternal Light!')


John 8 v.12

Jesus, He said, I am the light

Of the world,and give sight

To those that follow me, they shall

Not walk in darkness, but do well

Have the light of life bright


Light of the world, illuminate

And view our darkened state

Give light spiritual, on us dawn

For you are the true Dayspring's morn

Your light does ne'er abate


John 1 v.4-5

In Christ is life, and that life, see

The light of men* it be (*mankind)

The light does shine in the darkness

Darkness ne'er dims light, we confess

It shines victoriously


John 9 v.5

As long as Christ in the world is

His word said, true is this

That He is the light of the world

Salvation's plan reveled, unfurled

Lead to eternal bliss


John 12 v.36

While we have light, let us believe

In the light, it receive

So then the children of the light

We shall be, and forsaking night

See the Way*, no deceive (*the Way = Christ)





  • Goldfinch60

    The light is there in the word but as far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with the myth that is christianity.

    Good write though Orchi.


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. I havea book with a pic of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead with a magic wand. I can't accept this is how it happened though.


      GOOD MORNING ~ UNCLE ANDY ~ Great Hymn to start the day we have been singing it KARYOKE (Its legal in Essex !) ANGELA has now gone off too work first Clinic 11am ! Angela is relieved all her SIX Physio Students (2 M 4 F) have now sucessfully completed their PRACTICAL SCHEDULE and provided their THESES are OK will graduate in January. For ANGELA & I Christianity is very very real and helps us in our Newly Married Relationship together ~ in our Poeple related JOBS and in settling down in a new Commuity. We deliver the Church Newsletter in our own Street so People know we are Committed Christians. Just as JESUS is LIGHT so we too have to be LIGHT & SALT ~ You in your small Corner & us in Ours. Love your Poem today. Christ is both our Spiritual LIGHT & LIFE ~ AMEN. The *Gospel of John* is a masterpiece of Spiritual Literature ~ such insight into the Person & Personality of JESUS ~ AMEN

      Blessings to You & Your Priestly Pup !
      Spiritual Love Brian - Angela - Smokey !

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A. Fido is terribly upset. We - and he - can't sing in church. It said 'Singing not permitted' ,not 'We can't sing!' (sounds ambiguous. lol).
        Why did I bother asking one place about my hymn-poems? They hardly know what hymn book is. Choruses ad nauseum reigns! I wouldn't mind, but it was the same chorsues about 3 weeks in a row. Laziness from the Worship Group, I call it.

      • FineB

        Hi Orchidee

        An awesome write

        God is the light, life and way.

        Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Fine.

        • Dove

          Nice collection!

          But I love the night!
          It’s peaceful and calm
          In Glowing candlelight
          Flames bestows it’s charm

          In the night, moonlight glows
          And the stars glisten
          It’s there the lord bestows
          To all those who listen

          Listen my child of the night
          Don’t be afraid to sigh
          For even in night I shine my lighT
          From the heavens up high

          • orchidee

            Thanks Dove - and the poem! I thought I would add some more verses in. The second stanza is 'ad lib', what came to me after penning the first stanza. Some more 'I AM's to follow.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            Your usual good write Steve, but I'm with Andy and I guess there would be a lot of other people in that gathering.If there is a God and a second coming then he or it had better hurry up cause the way this virus is going there will be nothing to come back to. Keep sane in the sun, Bill

            • orchidee

              Thanks Bill.

            • blue orchid

              your work lights up my day hey orchidee you might remember me as frogspoetry but now im my favorite flower nice to read your work again

              • orchidee

                Thanks blue/frogs from FP site - Forward Poetry?

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