💫 Two More Stars 💫

One by one 

They have gone

They endured their pain

Like true champions

Never once did they complain


Don't cry for us

They would say

When our spirits take flight

We're not gone

We are there for thee 


Just look up my dear 

And you will see 

Two more stars just for thee

Do not fear

We are there


We're there to shine light upon thee 

Throughout all eternity




  • FineB

    Hi Laura,

    A beautiful good write.

    You touched my heart.

    Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.


    CAIO LAURA ~ Grazie per ese Poesia ! It strikes a chord with many of us ! Since January (six months ago) we have lost TEN Friends (TWO to COVID 19) but no Family. Most were elderly (70+). And as yrou say we do see a New Star in Heaven for everyone who passes into the Spirit Dimension. Each one leaves an unfillable gap in our Hearts ~ AMEN ! We havent posted today but are posting tomorrow *2020 that was the Year ..... ?* please check tomorrow ~ Grazie !

    Abracci e Baci ~ con Amore
    Angela e Brian e Gatto Fumoso 💛💛💛

  • Goldfinch60

    Those stars of our loved ones will always look down on us with love.



    really got this. Great work

  • Neville

    I dont know how I missed these heart wrenching words my friend... I do so apologise and feel for you in what is clearly a huge loss ............

    Neville 🌻 x


    Hi, i have to admit that I am really bad at reading and replying to other poet's I just have a short attention span, but this I read a few times, it reminded me of my parents lovely writing my friend x

  • Michael Edwards

    Only just found this Laura - great write from the heart.

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    never forgotten,no more in pain,sitting on heavens plain

  • Maxine Smith

    This is such a heart felt, you hun write.

    I can’t help but look up high at my two rainbow babies while reading this 🌈

    Truly touched my heart.

    Your champions will always be a part of you know matter where you go.

    Look up high
    To the sky
    Your two stars
    Always within your heart!

  • Neil Higgins

    Just read this Laura.Beautiful

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