dusk arising

a little of England


Come with me now
into the lush of green
where buttercup
and daisy frolic
beneath the wisdom
of oaken tree
and listen.

Listen with me
upon the gentle bank
to babbling brook
of natures gathered rainfall
as she writhes
in captured swell over
boulders of yesterday
kissed smooth
beneath her dance.

Glimpse dazzle of
iridescence as
damsel-fly hypnotise
in sunlight to
tease reflections
across miandering flow.
A celebration of
blue and turquoise hue
in gymnastic suspense
neath whispered hum
of angelic raindow wing.

Feel the refreshing
cool tickle of
the blue sky's sister
breeze and catch
her tussle amid
branches rhythmic sway,
and here..

upon the softness
of verdant
carpet grassland
share my words today
and picture with me
a little of England
in springtime beauty.


  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful words accompanied by equally beautiful music.

    Spiegel Im Spiegel sounds so easy to play - it is not!


    • dusk arising

      I'll tell ya a secret..... if i find a piece of music i really like, i never learn how it's played because it steals the beauty of the piece for me. Something i learned about myself when i was an active musician. On the other hand, certain pieces once learned command a new liking.

    • orchidee

      A fine write dusk.

      • dusk arising

        An it was a fine day i was imagining until your fido came out of that stream and shook himself dry, soaking me to the skin.
        Now i smell like a wet dawg.

      • Michael Edwards

        Hey this is rather special - great bit of penmanship dusk.

        • dusk arising

          Thank you M.E. I'm pleased you found something in it. It could have been all the nicer if Orchidee had kept that dawg under control..... see above.

        • Neville

          Hey .... not just beautiful ... but amazingly beautiful would be more apt .. in my book ..

          There may well be those who think I am biased .. but this is a superb example of true English poetry ... and perfectly penned, my literary friend ....


          • dusk arising

            Thanks Neville, that's high praise indeed. I do like to have a try at some more traditional stuff now and again and it's really good to be appreciated.

          • Poetic Dan

            Wow... It is what I saw and I hope next year will be one that we all set ourselves free!

            Lost in the beauty of your poetry

            Always appreciated

            • Poetic Dan

              Also forgot, thanks for the tune! Now on my bedtime play list!

              • dusk arising

                Yes, i have decided to retire now Dan and with so much time on my hands i am itching to get away into the wilds (my kind of place) but of course covid puts the mockers on that one this year.... hoping for a release next spring eh?
                Beauty eh? glad u enjoyed it m8.

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              • L. B. Mek

                wonderfully uplifting! a timely write that will serenade some of the scorched bitterness of this year away,
                a glimpse at awaits beyond these mountainous horizons traversing Convid's lands,
                brilliantly empathetic

                • dusk arising

                  I was filled with so much desire to be in the place i described when i wrote this, rather than locked down shielding from the dreaded virus.
                  Thank you for your kind words.

                • Fay Slimm.

                  This read is better than best this exquisite poem on all this summer has meant behind doors - it moved me in all its lines - a fave for sure D.A and hoping with you for spring to bring freedom from being penned in.............

                  • dusk arising

                    Thank you Fay for honouring my piece with a 'Fay's fav's' accolade. We should share a lemonade lol.

                    Heavily influenced by your writing of all things natural in this piece. Looking forward to next springtime and being able to get touchy feely with the countryside again.

                  • Audax

                    Thank you for sharing! I look forward to the day when we are free from this pandemic!

                    • dusk arising

                      You and me both..... lets hope the weather is kind to us too next year.

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