There are bridges everywhere


Adorned with padlocks by the score



Tis where young men and women too


So often throw their lives away



All tightly locked, just hanging there


With no reason, or a single key in sight …



  • Goldfinch60

    But bridges are also the way to join each other and walk together along that pathway of happiness.


    • Neville

      Thank you .. they are indeed Andy .. and you are a credit to optimism sir ..

    • orchidee

      Good write Neville.
      I know such a bridge. It's to keep people off private land.

      • Neville

        ...................... after much consideration, welcome to my abridged response Orchidee .. and no offence intended but those are called fences .. Cheers, Neville :)

      • Fay Slimm.

        The lure of bridges worldwide must provide a sad how for the unbalanced to say their goodbyes and your words lock this fact clearly into a shock-of-a-read Nev. with final lines sounding down so well the hopeless whys of such tragic endings to young lives.......

        • Neville

          Thank you my lady Fay ... there is a particular bridge in Bulgaria that inspired these words .. but they are sadly everywhere ..

        • Michael Edwards

          Not sure if it's intentional or not but I can read into this. great bit of penmanship .

          • Neville

            ......................................................... thank you most kindly Michael .. All Good Things, Neville

          • dusk arising

            A bridge - a way to overcome a problem/where two purposes meet.
            Life and death to some but easy life for others.

            A bridge, a beginning, a step into the unknown for lifers.

            So much to read into your piece today. Pictures, opportunities, failures and sadness are but a few. Though sadness prevails.

            • Neville

              .. I am so glad you were able to see several possibilities here DA and that a thread of sadness prevailed throughout ... Many thanks indeed sir ..

              .. Neville

            • Audax

              Bridges are forged to bring us all together to learn from each other and to further understand ourselves as human beings. There may be challenges, but we must always strive for what is good in the world.

              • Neville

                ... a fine sentiment Audax and thank you for leaving such a positive comment on the occasion of your visiting these words sir ..

              • L. B. Mek

                oh my talented friend how deftly you capture those wishful winds of young lover's, vehemently clinging to the all or nothing, of the now
                that often fails us and sails-on-by, till we are left wondering at what we purpled ourselves: grasping, as if our very breaths, were fuelled by it

                • Neville

                  My word my friend .. I feel mightily indulged and supremely spoilt by you today .. Many thanks indeed L.B ......


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