my hoodie still smelt like you
when i got home.
it made me feel
so warm

whenever i’m with you
i’m at peace
even if it’s silent
just being with you physically
makes me smile.

i know you don’t want me
like that
but it’s not stopping the thoughts
of you inside my head.

i’ve tried to suppress these feelings
but my heart aches,
it yearns for your touch
i just want to be with you so much.

i won’t lie
it really hurts,
that you still like him after
what he’s done.
i can’t do anything,
so i’ll just lay here
with nothing to do,

just thinking of you.



  • dusk arising

    That's a heartfelt piece if ever i read one. It's so good to be able to let your feelings flow and post on here.

    Tell you what though, as an old geezer who's been around the block a few times i'm going to hand you an ounce of advice. For all the time you spend thinking about the impossible you are missing the opportunities of the possibles all around you which your thoughts are blinding you to. It will continue like that for you so long as you mix with her. Do yourself a favour, walk away from dreams of the impossible and walk into reality where your REAL future awaits you. There's a right person out there for you but you'll never see them whilst you are dazzled by the impossible.

    • Brycycle

      thank you for your kind words and advice

    • Goldfinch60

      Emotive write but D a is right, if you can do nothing about it move on as that person who will be so special in you life is waiting for you.


      • Brycycle

        thank you, very true :’)

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