Modern Love

Modern Love


He was by no means

the first

and sure won’t be

the last,

but she fell head over

heels for

the hand wash and

the cut

of his designer face

mask …………………….. x




  • Goldfinch60

    Thank you Neville, my first laugh of the day.


    • Neville

      Good to hear Andy .... I thought it would make a change ... am off and away for a few days .. so take care my friend ..


    • Fay Slimm.

      Smilin' big here at your worthy depiction of Modern Love Nev.
      - -Falling for masks brings nothing but a collection of failures as this pert poem infers - - methinks better to seek the face of togetherness that only the cut of honest exchange can design .................x

      • Neville

        Ha if it were not for this bit o rag over me mouth and bloomin computer screen between us .. you would see me smilin from ear to there .... keep a look out over the next few days coz I'm back down your neck o the woods our Fay ..... x

        • Fay Slimm.

          Right - here's wishing you better weather than the wet of this week in the south-west and will be on the lookout for a scribe who's a smiler then - - enjoy your few days.................x

        • Michael Edwards

          'When I grow old I shall wear purple'
          Well I've got two designer face covers in manly purple - does that make me desirable I wonder - I doubt it.
          Great fun write Neville.

          • Neville

            Very regal sir ... and most fitting .. I particularly like the way you manage to carry that colour off.. not every one can get away with it .... Cheers Michael .. Oh' mine are blue, black n purple ... from sideways on, I look like a bruise ... full frontal .. well we aint even going there .. 🙂

          • dusk arising

            I have decided that i am better looking behind a full face plastic visor rather than partially covered.

            I asked a pal what he thought passed through his dogs mind when he saw somebody in a mask. - He's probably thinking I wonder who he's bitten to get himself muzzled.

            • Neville

              I'll take ya word for that boat face .... I know my pooch finds it hard to read a persons face or intentions when behind a mask ... but then she neva really likes wearing one in the first place and can't see wot all the fuss is about ..... Neville 🙂

            • orchidee

              She did not know it was me under the mask! lol.

              • Neville

                You could be write Orchidee .. but how ya gonna prove it was not you .. they're still working on a Guinea Pig DNA test so ya might just get away with it .. N 🙂

              • MendedFences27

                Much better title, it adds to the surprise. Here's a take on this with nothing to do with Covid.
                The "hand wash " confirmed he was indeed a doctor, and the "designer mask" nearly matched one of her own she kept in her bedside dresser. - Modern Love -
                A year ago this would have been the premise of such lines, but now you have modernized love to fit the appropriate consequences of our time. It's light enough to bring laughter, and yet dark enough to cause concern. In all, thanks for some comic relief. - Phil A.

                • Neville

                  Thank you Phil ... gotta have a laugh every now n then dont’cha sir 🙂

                  • MendedFences27

                    Yup! Her's a bit of humor. "They say, 'Making love is the most fun you can have without laughing." and no, I don't know who said it.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    timely, glad I visited and didn't miss out on this rib tickler 😁
                    liked the authentic author's comments:
                    '...but then I thought, nah …………….'

                  • Neville

                    You are most kind L. B. and I am most grateful to ya.....

                    nah’ even more than that even .....😎. 👍

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