What It's Like To Be Me

Take a good look at me,
What do you see?
Do I look as normal as normal can be?
You got it all wrong,
I have to look strong.
On the outside I appear calm,
On the inside I'm gone.
My illness doesn't have a look,
It has a feel.
I can deceive you with a smile,
My happiness isn't real.
On the inside I'm crying,
My emotions defying.
My body is dieing,
My thoughts are mortifying.
Welcome to my life where all is solemn.
Would a break down prove to you that I got a problem?
They never see, so to them I mustn't be.

They don't understand the brain of me.


  • blue orchid

    depression and anxiety are very real,i struggle with them also,and understand how you feel.nobody can understand our struggle of making it through day by day unless they've lived it themselves.i feel your meaning

  • dusk arising

    Most of us are a front to those around us, even to those close to us but i guess most of us are lucky to shrug that off as 'normal' whatever that is. But you reveal here a pain unseen and unseeable. Yet so tangible for you that you feel it's killing you.
    Now i don't know if this is your reality or a well composed piece of work.
    But i do know that writing poetry let me release much darkness and despair as i shared it here on mps where many have done just that, many are doing that now and we are the most supportive group of anonymous friends you'll find.
    Keep writing.

  • Goldfinch60

    Most people do not see the real person inside as we can put on different masks in different situations. Being able to release our true feelings in words is a great help to get us ahead in our lives.


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