dusk arising

bunch of criminals


Crime was
right easy
then back
in the fifties.

Course i was
only a kid but
that Goldfinch
and his clinch
"MPS mob"
made the jobs
run like poetry.

Fingers Edwards
the guy
who framed
every try
and Orchidee,
was the he,
made sure
each ran like twee
of a holy choir's

Whilst just in
case for alibi's on the day
we needed cutest
words from Fay.
For her sweet
word play would
hasten away
any day doubters
possible disbelief.

Of course an
uneducated OAP
kept a crafty
eye out to see
(as he does)
if any joker
showed up
on the scene
with a wary line
nicely obscene.

Whilst Unsub
made sure
we had a
in store
to tell anyone
who doubted
our tale.

An alibi was
always available
from Neville,
for a fee
he'd made
To thwart the
old doubter.

And of course
a handy hotel
Dusk Arising.
would tell
where we was
all found to be
onthe nite.

For a pertinent fee
Angela, Brian and
their cat smokey three,
provided statements
"They just wasn't there."
"Wasn't them guv,
they're poets
lovey dove
Not guilty m'lord
set them free".

Aquitted the
quick whitted
deftly met......
nearby in a bar.
close to a
get-away car
they proceeded
to disbar any doubt

To get over
their troubles,
an order
of doubles
was entertained
their fears

But seeking exclusives
'The Mail' planted
to take their
readers quite far.

Though experience tells
when a 'rat' one smells
and aha...
no surprises
a piss take arises
for the headlines next day
bravely tell.....

Brave Glenit
the inventor
was at
the worlds centre
bravely revealing
that facts
had proved so true.

For simply
and merely
in poetic theory
Dusk Arising got
one over on you.

love you all.


  • orchidee

    Good write dusk. I of course, being upper class, read about it in 'The Times'. Fido won't read anything else. A dog that can read!
    'The Sun' is far too common for me - garbage! lol.

    • dusk arising

      The pair of you - how do you plead? (Hastings will be taken into consideration).

    • Fay Slimm.

      What an exposure of gang-play back in the day and how did you guess - you rascally knave that providing alibis was my main trade - - - a giggle a line is this my first read for which I send my very best thank you D.A. - - - - - p.s. do you work undercover for "The Mail" by any chance and if so how much do they pay 'ee my 'ansum ?

      • dusk arising

        Well now my deario, i not be revealin, in fact, i be concealin, wot 'ansome fees comes moi way. For dallyin, rapskallyin, down secretive alleys in .. places I ought not to be. The secretive's lucrative for this poetic fugitive but an alibi's, I find, oft required. So if there's a chance, you could dally a dance, and scribble one off, just for me.

      • Laura


        You’re truly a talented writer.
        An enjoyable read to say the least.
        Thank you for sharing.


        • dusk arising

          Nay Laura, my talent lies in keeping the safe cracking under cover.... this poetry malarky is all a front for me and the boys and girls.

          Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm pleased you enjoyed this Laura and thank you for adding into your fav's.

        • Neville

          How absolutely splendid old chap... every one off to a Teee .. hee hee

          • dusk arising

            The cheque's in the post. Whatever you do, don't drop it though. It's a bit twangy.

          • Michael Edwards

            Wow this was unexpected and what a grrrrreat accolade to some grrrreat poets - great stuff dusk.

            • dusk arising

              So long as you keep painting a picture, so that somebody else gets framed for our crimes, the rest of the boys and girls and me will carry on with this poetry cover up. I've got Fay working on an alibi and Nevile too just in case.

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              Bunch of criminals! Nicely obscene!, just because my words fill a hole at the bottom end of M.P.S. there's no need for that! Lol
              Nice one dusk.
              Good start to the weekend

              • dusk arising

                Gorra keep light hearted with this poetry caper in case someone blows our cover. wink wink.

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                they are all guilty

                • dusk arising

                  They've all done time in the past for their crimes but I'm trying to keep them on the straight and narrow path with this poetry game.
                  Thanks for looking in and commenting wordman.

                  • ron parrish aka wordman

                    my pleasure

                  • blue orchid

                    great one,anyone should be honored

                    • dusk arising

                      Just so long as the judge doesn't have second thoughts, I think we got away with it.

                      Thanks for looking in and commenting blue orchid.

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Being part of that 'mob' I have had to ensure that my fellow criminals play their part and that also there will always be a way to avoid being caught. Yes we can have alibis all prepared by Fay but I have something else, I have an escape tunnel and I can see the light at the end of it.


                      • dusk arising

                        Aha, "just i case" alternatives eh. Trust Andy the GOLD finch to have a slippery way out of doing porridge.
                        May the light at the end of your tunnel never die.

                      • ANGELA & BRIAN

                        ANGELA HERE - Good Morning DUSK - Thanks for an *Epic Poem* showcasing those of us who try to keep MPS afloat by posting several *Odd Odes* per week. Your comments on each *Criminal* is very Apt! Its true BRIAN & SMOKEY & I try to keep a low profile (Like Macavity - The Mystery Cat) to protect our our Spiritual Reputation - and like Fido the Reputation of MPS! All those you mention (incluing Your Goodself) are a Blessing (& Challenge!) to US with the Quality & Diversity of your Poetry. We have to remember sometimes that it is A POETRY SITE! As for the *Fifties* (30 years before Our Time) it was an *Epic Postwar Era* which will never be repeated in OUR TIME!

                        Thanks for caring & sharing
                        Blessings & Joy & Peace to You & Yours
                        Love - Angela & Brian & Smokey 🧡💙🤎

                      • Romantic Bloom

                        Nice humor! The MPS regulars in your poetry, are blessed to have a talented writer
                        like yourself!

                      • Unsub


                        never happier than being part of the MPS Criminal Bunch.


                        • Laura


                          Pardon me...

                          I was rereading DA’s awesome write and I saw your comment.
                          I couldn’t resist to jump in with 👍🏻🤣🤣!


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