dusk arising


the storm had subsided
morning dawned like a vanquished beast
                                                     waking from a duel
across the beach a small gathering
                     picked its way through newfound debris
crushed upon the rocks in the now falling tide
                              a small sailing vessel of yesterday
her ugly angle spoke of hullplates smashed
          rags of sail hanging limply on tormented rigging
those rocks would be exposed at low ebb  
                                                      and break her back
what cargo she carried were the worrys of each mind
what profit here to be taken
                                         from storms chance delivery
everyman greedily eyed the other
                     for first in would take the heart of plunder
let there not be a live soul aboard
              or they shall meet a watery grave this foul day
twas then i caught her movement,
                                           a wash of green in the prow
was it imagined or, no,      ... there it was again
hardened scroungers amidst their evil
                   were too keenly eyed on each others intent
they had not seen her
entering the receeding swell
                     i let fall my jacket and cast away my shoes
this beach was my plaything since first steps had
              let me know her rolling sand and shifting curves
i knew her beneath these waves
                                and the games she'd play a stranger
now onto my back, staying low in the water
                                     slowly propelling myself seaward
had i been spotted i could not tell,.. my ears below water
my eyes beheld a seabird and little else
                                                        bar the miserable sky
were i seen, a musket ball would greet my final breath
this day would be my last should i fail to achieve
                                               seaward of the sorry vessel
aching limbs now sighing with relief
                                              to hear her anguished pains
creaking and groaning upon the swell                               
                                   as her hull entered its death throws
there! my chance! ..diving beneath her keel
                                                         i surfaced to seaward
now out of sight of the beaches rabble
                                         i beheld the larboard side of her                        
a plaque bearing "estrella de la mañana" on her bows,
                                      a spaniard mateloe's pride and joy
'hello' i bellowed 'hello!'..........
she peered through the spintered gunwhale 'are you alone'
staring eyes, ....'come with me, you are in danger here.
                                                     .....i have a boat close by'
the frightened girl now raised her head
                       and beckoned a 'go away' motion toward me
finding nearby footing on the rocks
                                                    i hauled out and squatted.
pointing toward the beach i shook  my head
     and drew my finger across my throat then pointed to her
her eyes became fire and she rushed along the deck
                                                    holding onto the gunwhale
'hello' i shouted, pointing first to her then myself
                i made swim jestures and pointed along the coast
finally making rowing movements with my hands.....  
                                                       she stared    ....i nodded
repeating my cut throat jesture toward the beach
                            i lost my footing falling back into the briney
surfacing i watched her leap off the craft
                                    and smile toward me as she regained
seemingly at ease with the ocean i beckoned  'follow me'
swimming across and against the tide
                        the prize of landfall found me near exhausted
heavy footed without the buoyancy of saltwater
                                                    i staggered toward the cave
shivvering within its coldness,
                         i tapped my chest saying 'dusky'
                                              .....her eyes,..her face, beautiful
staring at me with lowered head
                                        she touched her chest ......'graciana'   
'we must hurry' i pulled the small boat of my childhood
                 out and down the beach with graciana pulling it too
reaching the water line graciana put her hand on my arm
                       and looking into my eyes drew her face to mine
kissing softly a thrill wrent my body,
        she was holding a small black purse,
                                    taking my hand.....placed the purse in it
she made a gesture touching her chest
           then casting her open hand palm up toward me
                   giving me the purse   ....which i untied and opened
inside was a large ruby gemstone finely set in gold
            on a gold chain and two gold rings one large, one small
looking back to the wreckage then swiftly back to me
                                                   she suddenly pushed me hard
together we drew the boat into deeper water
tapping my arms again as i placed the oars in the rollocks
                      she shook her head and pointed toward the stern
i took my seat in the stern and watched
  as this beautiful young woman began rowing me into my future
a terrible ringing sound filled the air
                           damn that alarm clock.....  it ruins everything !!!


  • Michael Edwards

    Just read this - need to come back and read it again after my morning exercises - when I'm fully awake - reads so well.

    • dusk arising

      Thank you M.E. I hope it was better 2nd time around.

    • Goldfinch60

      You swine d a, I was so involved in the story, waiting to hear where you were going to end up with this lovely lady and then that damned alarm clock goes off and gives me my first laugh of the day. Thank you.


      • dusk arising

        Well we all know where it was going to end up.... i was rescued by that alarm clock.... love on the rock is the story of my life (amongst others).

        I thought the opening of Finlandia was dramatic and suited the heavy damp atmosphere of this piece.

        I like it when i read I raised a laugh.

      • Goldfinch60

        I had an evening of Sibelius a couple of evenings ago, including Finlandia.


      • orchidee

        A fine write dusk. Ahh, a cue for another song from me. 'Finlandia' is used for 'Be still, my soul, the Lord is on your side'.

        • dusk arising

          Be still my.... alarm clock!

        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          Excellent again DA you've hit a golden vein this week
          "Together we drew the boat into deeper water"
          That line alone gain me shivers
          Details a very bonded relationship that encapsulates so may I'm thinking

          Loved the from very readable
          And a smile at the end... the perfect storm

          Thank you AGAIN!

          • dusk arising

            Glad you enjoyed this one A.C.F. I have no new pieces to hand at the moment so my 'golden vein' as u call it may wellend here.

            Thank YOU sir, always a plesure to read your feedback.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            BRIAN here -Good Afternoon DUSK! I was born near the Sea (Liverpool NE Coast) and now I am back near the Sea - Essex SE Coast! For me the Sea always invokes the most spine chilling stories - of Life & Death & Love! In some respect Stories (Poems) that recount Dreams are the best of all - because they come from our Sub-conscious and therefore always have more of a *Ring of Reality* than mere fiction. The tragedy is we always wake up before the dénouement!
            Loved FINLANDIA it struck the right tone for this soporific ode.

            Thanks for sharing - Love Joy & Peace to You
            Brian & Angela & Smokey Cat ! ! !

            • dusk arising

              It was all a dream Brian and i HAD TO end it there. That gal had a certain look in here eyes and i don't think Smokey is ready to read that kind of story yet

            • blue orchid

              dusk,you sure know how to paint a vivid picture,don't you hate them damned alarm clocks.haha

              • dusk arising

                Thank you blue orchid. Yes alarm clocks can suddenly whisk us back to reality quite rudely.

                • blue orchid

                  in the most pleasant parts too,what a shame.haha

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Oh what a tale - - you are a born story teller my friend - - and as for the ending - -- well you had us all under your spell and to round it off with but a dream was inspired........ great read for my evening refresher on what I had earlier missed. Just got to put this one into my faves dear D.A.

                  • dusk arising

                    Story teller? Why is it the fairer sex keep calling me a story teller? You're spoiling me with entries into your fav's.
                    As i have written here in responses, I had to end the story there as the fine young lady had a certain look in her eye and was determined to....... well...... well i could tell ..... anyway, it was MY dream and if she was that sort of gal I'm not sharing her!

                  • ron parrish aka wordman

                    this my friend is a great story

                    • dusk arising

                      Its good bit of a fun tease. Thanks for dropping in wordman.

                    • Romantic Bloom

                      Great story🚣🏻‍♀️

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