Michael Edwards




Two shorties to celebrate my one thousandth posting here on MPS - never ever dreamed I'd ever reach such a number - where's the bubbly?




I’m an artist and poet and moreover

this is my thousandth poem here

so  it’s time at last for you to move over

and give up your crown  Mr William Shakespeare.




Chuffed as punch I must confess

at last I’m here – I don’t know how

one thousand poems on MPS

it’s time for me to take a bow.






  • Goldfinch60

    Many congratulations Michael, just keep going, there are too many words within you to 'take a bow'.
    Your painting shows many paths (there's a poem there) and the one you are walking with MPS is a never-ending one.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy. The painting was done as an experiment - mostly pen work - it did get a tad tedious after a whie but the end result is interestinf (at least I think so).

    • orchidee

      Best wishes M!
      Yes - not 'bow out', just 'take a bow'.
      That must be about 10 million (sylla) berles used! How much do they cost?

      • Michael Edwards

        I'll have to work out the total taking the average per poem. Trouble is, with covid, the suppliers keep running out.

      • Unsub

        Dear GRAND Michael, (grand as in 1000 not as in Grandad although you might be both)

        I prefer to read your poetry & look at your paintings than that Shakey Spear guy anyday.

        Congrats on reaching 1000. You'll be catching up with Andy & Orchi very soon!

        Orchi, will be round with a bottle JD as soon as he sobers up from a rather heavy night of rum & brandy.


        • Michael Edwards

          I'll have to watch Fay who's not far behind. Thanks so much Unsub.

        • dusk arising

          There was a fine chap called M.E.
          Who'd been on a grand writing spree
          i can imagine the scene
          as before the queen
          he's dubbed whilst down on one knee.

          Through canvas, sculpture and word
          The artist was seen, felt and heard
          though it never was planned
          he's reached his first grand
          now bring on his second and third

        • Dove

          Congrats ! That must be about 4 years!

        • Dove

          Congrats ! That must be about 4 years!

        • L. B. Mek

          great achievement! congrats Michael,
          really like the picture as well

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