I sat and watched it all fall away
Every memory, every moment
Fading on to paper
Colors forming pictures
Burning my mind, setting it free
It lasts but merely a speck
And means nothing in the end
Not happiness, nor comfort
It disappears unnoticed


  • dusk arising

    Story of my life mate.

    But upon reflection i read your piece again and gained it's hidden truths.
    Yes the story of ones life. One's loves, pains, struggles and gains all transcribed into our poetic outpourings. But what matter those? At the end of each day they have been but a mere palliative to our turmoil over which others may ponder and relate.... Then they are gone.... lest the wind should blow open our book of life and other eyes fall upon our words...

    This is most deserving of a place among my favourite poetry posted upon MPS.

    • nicolibellamont

      Thank you very much. Means alot to me.

    • Michael Edwards

      And it deserves a fave from me as well.

      • nicolibellamont

        Thank you. Very much appreciated

      • Goldfinch60

        Each moment of our lives do fall away but each moment we live in now becomes even more precious.

        Wonderful words.


        • nicolibellamont

          thank you very much. I really appreciate it

        • L. B. Mek

          it takes rare depths of insight and wisdom, to appreciate something while busily experiencing it, usually its with a hindsight perspective we learn the true value of those jagged paths our life's take us to,
          wonderful write

          • nicolibellamont

            Thank you very much for your kind words. I appreciate it

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