In Our Church Family we offer assistance to Elderly Members (75+) who want to  downsize for obvious reasons. Assistance is required especially for those who have No Children or No Children living near. And more especially so for those where one of the Partners have deceased. In BARRY*S case He & Beryl had no Children and Beryl has passed into the Spirit Dimension in November 2018. By August 2019 it had all got too much for Barry so we agreed to help Him DOWNSIZE to a one-bedroom ground-floor Wardened Flat not far from where he Lived - He was 80.


BARRY has a thousand books !  In ~

Crannies - nooks and everywhere one looks !

In fact it was a Book Pandemic

Not surprising ~ He*s an ACADEMIC !


A Lecturer in Hist*ry in his Working Life

His hoarding instincts anathema to His Wife !

It came as no great shock / surprise

It was B*G*E* to DOWNSIZE ! 


BERYL had died two years ago

Now one year on and Barry*s gettin* SLOW !

They had no Kids or Family to hand

So BRIAN & I assisted Him ~ in his Final Stand !


The Church arranged Wardened Retirement Flat

Bedroom a Kitchen - Lounge - TV - but alas NO CAT !

Some shelves for Books & Artefacts - CDS

He was perplexeds & asked *Where can I put all these ?*


The Local Public School ~ Where He had often Lectured

Saw scattering his Books about would leave Him quite dejected

So they arranged a Library *The Barry Jones Collection*

It pleased Him  - this Denouement - lifted His dejection !


His Garden Shed & His Tools ~ They all had to go

Spades - rakes -  ancient machines - Grasses for to mow

Garden furniture & Gnomes of various shapes & sizes

His Greenhouse & Tomato Plants - in the past won prizes !


His Red Cortina ~ Vintage Model that

All sold for GOLD ~ His neighbour took Old Ginger Cat !

Beryls Lladro Collection & hundreds of CDs

A Jumble Sale at Church disposed of most of these !


Downsizing *Four Bed Terrace* to a *One Bed Flat*

What a daunting task to face - O please spare us that !

We*ve decided to downsize in stages ~ that seems ~ BEST

We*ll start in 30 YEARS TIME ~ when Kids have flown the nest !


BARRY was upset ~ He thought He*d not survive

He went to His Devon Sister ~ when SKIPS came on the DRIVE !

When he returned ~ His House was SOLD & that was that !

But now Hes very HAPPY ~ in His Cosy - Dozy - Mancave Flat !


The Moral of this sombre ode

Which we now for you relate

We ALL must DOWNSIZE sometime

Please dont leave it ~ TOO DARN LATE !


Thanks for visit comments welcome LOVE 🧑 AngelaπŸ’™ Brian


Have You ever Downsized (or wanted to) ? Share your

experiences !  Thanks Angela - Brian - Smokey ! ! !        


  • Goldfinch60

    Now that I am on my own my children ask me if I am going to move and my response is, "The next time I move will be when you carry me out in my wooden box.
    I have too much 'stuff' to move into a smaller abode and 'stuff' is important. I would struggle to get my music collection and me in a smaller place, music is my lifesaver so I will not get rid of it.



      ANGELA HERE - GOOD MITWOK UNCLE ANDY - Every case is Different. In Barrys case he had mobility problems and when we visited he was less able to cope and his beloved Garden was going to seed. In the Wardened Flat Complex there is a Garden & a Gardener & a Veggie Plot & Greenhouse where he can potter ! Your Dilemma is MUSIC - Barrys was His LIBRARY ! It would have killed Him to see them sold for 50p in *Help the Aged* ! The PUBLIC SCHOOL solved His DILEMMA and he was still able to visit and give His revered Illustrated Lecture on *The Bayeux Tapestry* ! As we have said before - You have been an Inspiration to Angela & I in the way you have coped - since Joyces departure to the Spirit World - and running a Large House. We pray You may never ever have to DOWNSIZE !

      Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
      Love Angela & Brian & Smokey πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

    • orchidee

      I've downsized for later on. It's an old tea chest from the Co-op for me, with me in it! Doh!
      Even Co-op is too expensive. They laughed (heehee) and opened a store near new houses and put prices up. The only shop in sight for a mile or three.

    • L. B. Mek

      such an uplifting demonstration of a caring and pro-active community,
      thanks for sharing

    • Romantic Bloom

      Every time we have moved, we have accumulated more things! Down sizing is coming!
      What great souls you are! Love the library for all those books! I inherited records collection, helping an old man clean his apartment!

      Best to the Trio

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