WHO ON EARTH IS RESPONSIBLE ?  For all the LITTER that desecrates our Land and the Plastic waste that pollutes our Oceans ! To some extent we all are ~ but some much more than others !  Have we never left a plastic box on a wall - with a few chips in for the seagulls ~ or a newspaper on a bench where we*ve sat ~ or tossed a sweet wrapper out of the car window ? All these innocent actions contribute to LITTER ! How much do we respect our own Community ?  If one challenges *Liter Louts*  one often receives Verbal & even Physical Abuse ! It  is estimated that plastic pollution in the Planets Oceans could exceed 1 billion tonnes by 2040 and unlike Natural Products (paper - cardboard etc) its non-biodegradable !  LOVE - Angela & Brian & Smokey πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›


LITTER ! Defiles a perfect rural scene

Bottles & cans just scattered all about

You spoil the look of landscape ~ so pristine

COME BACK ~ remove them all ~ You Litter Lout !


Bottles & Cans just scattered all about

Whar sort of People *Gotta no Respect ?*

COME BACK ~ remove them all ~ You Litter Lout 

After you*ve been ~ the land looks much neglect  !


What sort of People *Gotta no respect ?*

For Land or Stream or for a Country Park ?

After you*ve been ~ the land looks much neglect

To litter flout ~ to You is just a lark !


For Land or Stream or for a Country Park

Crisp packets littered on the GRASS

To litter flout ~ to You is just a lark 

BUT ~ others view these with distaste and PASS !


Crisp packets littered on the GRASS

And DONT let others say this to Your SHAME

BUT ~ others view these with distaste and PASS

That ALL was BEAUTY here until You CAME !


And DONT let others say this to Your SHAME

You spoil the look of Landscape ~ so Pristine

That all was beauty here ~ until You CAME

LITTER ! Defiles a perfect rural scene !


Thanks for visit comments welcome - Love Angela 🧑 Brian πŸ’™   



  • Goldfinch60

    It was so good during the start of lockdown when people were restricted from going out to see so little litter in the park by My River when I walked along it every day.



      Sorry Uncle Andy - Mea Culpa ! I sent a COMMENT instead of a reply - Please check Poem - Thnaks ANGELA πŸ’›


      ANGELA HERE - Good Friday Uncle ANDY ! Every Cloud has its Silver Lining - even C 19 Lockdowns. Because I was an NHS Physio I had to be in the Clinic most weekdays I saw how much more Pristine the Countryside & the Town was. Almost as itter-free as Singapore ! Brian & I have a litter box in the car and always take our litter home ! Open Air Rock Concerts are the worst. They even found a BABY once clearing up ! The Young Hippie Parents were very embarassed when they came to collect HIM ! Like you we are appalled just how *Litter Loutish* many people are ! Thanks for your comment !

      Blessings & Joy to You & Yours
      Love Angela - Brian - Smokey ! ! !

    • orchidee

      A fine write B&A. Yes, Fido bark furiously at any litter louts on his walkies!

    • Dove

      On rainy days, the litter somehow ends flowing through rivers, that funnel into the ocean!

      Homeless people living by river edges, frequently litter, no fault there! Especially
      When the rain washes away all their belongings! Ive seen plastic bags and clothes hanging on trees, it’s such a sad thing to See! Shopping carts in water too!
      I must have seen 50 or so lined up by the street obviously being cleaned up! But
      The rest of the trash that got through is terrible! Somewhere , there must be a trap! I dunno! Because it drains to the beaches!

    • Fay Slimm.

      Agree wholeheartedly with every stanza - litter is really a measure of how people view this planet.....

    • Michael Edwards

      Such a serious subject so why are some totally oblivious to the harm they are causing?

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