Discarded 2

Discarded 2


Just look

how quickly they have forgotten you

One day

No doubt they will forget me too


In the meantime  

Having done our own little bit

To help

All those distressed and disturbed


We must remember,

Neither you

Nor I are Kennedy’s, a Gandhi or Mandela

No .. not even a Cohen, Shelley or a Keats


And whilst

There may be those who argue ..

Neither are we Hitler, Manson or Bin Laden

So we might just as well be sinners, you and me


Ha .. she say’s

In no time at all we shall each be forgotten,

Like a broken and discarded cup

Yet priceless …


Just as those

Several sheets of crumpled paper

Containing scribbled and disjointed words

Now overflow onto the hearth, are worthless …





  • Goldfinch60

    We may not be known by all but will be known and loved by those who knew us - that is what is important.
    Good one Neville.


    • Neville

      Thanks Andy .... Have a smashing Sunday my friend .....

    • Fay Slimm.

      The love and care shown will be remembered by those who received when distressed our needed help whatever means used will last forever in hearts and minds if love was behind any action - - a priceless reminder from your insightful pen Nev that naught is discarded that matters to at least one someone somewhere...........x

      • Neville

        what a nice and well reasoned way of looking at memory and remembering our Fay .... and a big thank you again for the thumbs up .... N x

      • Michael Edwards

        Even with family once we are no longer within living memory we are no longer but interesting information. I guess at least some of my art and poetry will outlive me. Sombre thoughts for a Sunday. All this aside a great write N.

        • Neville

          I think you are pretty sure to be remembered Michael, without doubt for your artwork but as an individual too I imagine by those who hold you dear n love ya .. although, I take your point about living memory and info ..

          Thank you for the visit .. enjoy the rest of Sunday .... Not just the rest of Sunday mind ... if you get wot I mean 🙂

        • orchidee

          You knows I won't forget ya! lol.
          Pity I shall be remembered for my singing, but that can't be helped! hehee.

          • Neville

            .... How very kind of ya O ... and I'm sure you will be remembered for a while too 🙂

          • Dove

            N ever shall you be forgotten
            E very penned poem
            V iewed and
            I nscribed upon these walls, shall
            L ive in our memories
            L ong shall they comfort Us, for
            E ternity and beyond

            • Neville

              How amazingly extraordinarily bloomin kind my dear friend Romantic Bloom ... what a kind and creative poetic gesture you have just gifted this old fella ....

            • MendedFences27

              What happens to all the thoughts that have been? Some are memorialized in printed form, but what happens to those when paper and ink give way to E-books etc.. Someday in the future there will be no memory of Shakespere etc .. Is there somewhere in the Universe where all the thoughts of Mankind reside?
              Enough, all this means is that your poem causes us all to stop and think. Thus, there must be truth within it. Other than that, I'm feeling like a "discarded cup" = Phil A.

              • Neville

                an interesting conundrum my friend .... and I really can not thank you enough MF27 ... some men are of course far greater than just discarded cups ... some of them are mugs ...


                • MendedFences27

                  Mine says it's a "Bah Hum Mug." I don't understand that, I'm such a cheerful guy. "Cheers!"

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                • L. B. Mek

                  I am a fan of your writes, voicing those stripped back and raw wandering thought's - simplified for your readers consumable ease,
                  Value: must be questioned within each afforded avenue, what is worth without comparison or that dwindling timer in the corner of our eyes...
                  brilliant, just my cup of tea of inevitably distorted: self-introspection musings

                  • Neville

                    Thank you kindly L.B my friend .. I hope to keep on writing till the end .. or till I muse on at least 🙂

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