This is a bit *TONGUE IN CHEEK* but nobody seems to like or trust Politicians anymore. We always vote LABOUR (Socialist) in General Elections ~ because we believe in Diversity & Equal Opportunity. In Local Eections we vote for the PERSON (rather than the Party) because we want to elect a Local Candidate ~ someone who knows and understands the Area ! The video shows the CONSERVATIVE DREAM with everyone conforming and  *toeing the Party Line* I love the cartoon showing TRUMP offering BORIS his COMB.  I think BORIS was hoping for more than that when we join Hawaii ~ to become the 2nd *Offshore US State* ! 


T HEY WERE ONCE ~ Ordinary People ~ NOT

H EMIGODS ~ Just like YOU & I !  Then they .......

E NTERED POLITICS ~ Land of *Pie in the Sky*


P  umpkin for the AMERICANS ~ Sweet Plums for BRITS ! 

W hen they get the Call  *One size fits all* They

L  eave the World behind and become BUREAUCRITS !

I  never did like Politics ~ voting Left or Right

T  heir POLICIES look lov*er*ly ~ Their ACTIONS not so Bright !

I   didnt vote for BORIS ~ Did You vote for TRUMP ?

C  ant understand why Politics gave such a pair of CHUMPS !

I  m  Older now & Wiser and understand their Tricks

A  ll out to *Feather their own Nests* & leave US in a Fix !

N  ice ordinary People ~ with whom you would go FISHIN*

S  oon morph into a MOONSTER ~ when they become a POLITICIAN ! 


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love Angela 🧡 Brian 💙 







  • Goldfinch60

    “How do you know when a politician is lying?”

    “There lips move!”

  • orchidee

    Get the cat to post some poems! We understand. I'm surprised you have as much time as you to, to comment in detail.
    I sort of knew Goldie was going to say that, before I got to the Comments! Doh!
    It's a strange thing really. One party says something. Then the other side(s) criticises it. The first party changes/adjusts it. or whatever; and so on. Or even arguing within own parties.
    Being open to public view, do they (whatever party) deserve the 'clown' and buffoon images sometimes?

  • Dove

    Spot on the acrostic politics! I missed the first debate here! Heard it was awful! No point in watching I know whom Im voting for! It doesn’t rhyme with rump lol

  • Michael Edwards

    You've said it all - I think you have to a certain type to be a politician.

  • L. B. Mek

    poignant, witty and well informed points,
    good write!

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