The Winds on Which We Sail

The Wind and its directions

Daily shifts our hopes and dreams 

Northerly the winter gales and frost

Keep us together

Easterly the morning and its dew

We have so much to do

Westerly the gold of evenings

When we sit beside each other in the glow

Southerly the gentlest of all

Is where we'll sail when all is through

  • Author: Lorna (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 3rd, 2020 04:00
  • Category: Reflection
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  • User favorite of this poem: ANGELA & BRIAN.


  • Neville

    You just made me wanna fly a kite .. or just fly maybe .... You can beat an egg and a carpet .. You can even beat around the bush ..

    but ya just can't beat the occasional squall to clear the air n senses ..... Tis a little gem you pinned here Lorna ....

  • Lorna

    Can you fly a kite in the rain? Never tried.....You go out there an see. I think you just gave me an idea!

  • Goldfinch60

    I will be quite happy to sail southerly in the gentle way of life.


    • Lorna

      Oh so will I Andy........ we have people to see.........

    • orchidee

      Good write Lorna.

    • Fay Slimm.

      A squall brings excitement when we are in love with the feel of sailing in winds - a gorgeous weekend piece of writing dear Lorna.

      • Lorna

        Although not much of a sailor I was actually on a sailboat (my sister's wedding) during a squall and it was a fun ride! But I'll add we were very close to shore and I could have swum for it which is the only condition under which I will get on a boat in the first place......... thank you Fay!

      • Michael Edwards

        I'm looking forward to the southerlies and love John McD - great posting all round.

        • Lorna

          I almost used the Kathleen Ferrier version (lovely and my parents played it often) but she sounded gloomier and I\'m trying to be more upbeat...... Glenit loses his doom button.......

        • Dove

          Beautifully done! Loved it

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD MORNING LAURA - Angela Here ! Love Sailing & The Pic & Video & Poem have marked it as Favourite ! I am a very keen Sailor and enjoyed being in New Zealand (for 15 Months) where we could sail all year round ! Its alredy a bit to cold & wet in the UK ! Love the Poem - full of sailing lore ! We cant sail without WIND but she can be very coquettish !

          Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
          Love Angela - Brian & Smokey 💛💛💛
          Please check *Count Your Blessings !*

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