Autumn Rain

Autumn rain is best

Despite the chill

It sends us indoors

To look through windows

And softens the view

Of watery landscapes

With soup in our hands

Or hot chocolate

We appreciate the dry

As the wind blows


  • orchidee

    A fine write Lorna. How's your Fall compared to our UK Autumn?

    • Lorna

      Ab so blooming loverly this year! But I'm not loving the cold much so am indoors more watching from windows unless I have to go out and wrestle with the leaves........ luckily i have lots of windows! I always got cold very quickly as was on the lean side and with the horses we were outside in every conceivable (sorry) God awful weather so for a consolation for losing Jay, I can now say "served my time" to that discomfort and go for cozy now....... but if he came back, I'd go with him again!

    • Saxon Crow

      Lovely write Lorna. Candles as well.... And lots of chocolate!

    • Fay Slimm.

      Soup followed by chocolate - well that should put paid to the cold of wet autumn - - - - am ready to join you for a sip and a view of your lovely fall- season dear Lorna.

    • Michael Edwards

      A delightful read and love the cartoon.

    • Trenz Pruca

      Spare, deep and expressive. A good one.

    • The Uneducated O.A.P

      Wife said if I go and stand in the rain it will make my hair grow, I think she tells porkies.
      I don't mind rain, but it must be warm.
      Nice one

      • Lorna

        Funny...... did she also tell you to massage your hair while the rain is falling? Try that! Just fyi.... in my whole life I have never heard any woman complaining about a man losing his hair.....

      • ron parrish aka wordman

        autumn with all i`ts glory

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good words Lorna, I often sit and look out at the rain but am often in the rain as well and that can be quite enjoyable as after all skin is waterproof.


      • Mark_2011

        Very soothing, and I also like to watch the rain from indoors, and sometimes be out in it, during these autumn days.

      • BoxMyHeart

        Lovely and picturesque!

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