Breakup Letter to Poetry

I knew it was coming,

but I didn’t think it would come so fast.

I saw the signs,

that we were starting to drift apart.


I wanted to ignore them,

and the big red flags

marching in the background.


You will always be in my heart,

and I know that I will find you again,



When I’m at my lowest low,

you will be there.

When I’m at my highest high,

you will be there.

I can always count on you to let me vent

and express the deepest parts of myself.


So goodbye for now Poetry,

You will be missed,

but you will not be forgotten.


  • Audax

    It can be interpreted as a break up letter for anything that you were passionate about or loved to do, but things eventually lose meaning. Or value over time to the point that we get tired and are looking for something to excite us. I truly liked what you did in this piece you wrote yourself!

  • Goldfinch60

    Poetry will always be with you MEM.


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