Staying Alive

Perhaps all the work I did

The nails I drove

The garden beds

I labored in and love

The paint that cheers the inside light

Were a foreshadowing 

A Hadrian's Wall

Defense against the stealthy foe

A safe place to retreat

A flight

Which I thought you'd share

But you had to leave

Yet another reason why

I stay in my house of Peace


  • orchidee

    A fine write Lorna.
    I shouldn't be alive. I tried holding my breath for 24 hours. I didn't feel well afterwards. lol. (Do shut up Orchi. lol)

    • Lorna

      Well you can't hold your breath and talk so I don't think that will work for you...... did you have fun yesterday? And you lived through that battle again.....! More lives than a cat.........

    • Dasim

      What a beautiful poem. Thank you!

      • Lorna


      • dusk arising

        It is necessary to have a sanctum, a place to be self without pressures of 'outside' and society.
        When you are ready, whats is 'outside' will be there for you. We are created to be sociable beings quite naturally......
        ....... time will do it's healing thing.

        Keep safe and well.

        • Lorna

          I like it inside .... will never be ready....... and anyway, there are sick people out there....... we have to hold our breath like Orchi if we go out..........

        • Michael Edwards

          A beautiful poem and I just love Enya - always listening to her.

          • Lorna

            Thanks Michael....... I love her too.........

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            Nice words today, but I have to agree with dusky, Do what you want to do, not what every one else wants you to do.
            Best wishes.

            • Lorna

              I want to stay home!

              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                Know exactly what you mean, safe and secure and no idiots to worry about.

              • Goldfinch60

                Wonderful words Lorna, that safe place of Peace is there for you and you can just be yourself and do what YOU want to do within that place called HOME.


                • Lorna

                  Sounds selfish doesn't it......... but after many years of dealing with the world .... this ain't so bad.

                • L. B. Mek

                  I would think such a write would have a healing effect on the author (assuming the source inspiration be authentic), which is shared through its meditative qualities by the reader

                  • Lorna

                    Thank you LB .. yes, real home..... the writing, whether bad or decent, will hopefully keep some of our little gray cells alive....... enjoy your day.......

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