Fay Slimm.





Wind had risen,

gusts of near-winter slapped her cold face.


Pregnant grey clouds

fat as fresh dripping rolled in from the sea.


Then rents appeared 

and an eyeing sun forewarned her again.


She decided 

that hiding in shadows fostered deceit.


So mind set straight

her run-away shoes trod homeward to him.


Grass looks greener

but fence guilt with regret and duty  wins.




  • dusk arising

    Unsure whether this is after an "I'm leaving you" break up or a change of heart after having made an arrangement to 'slip away and meet someone'. Regardless of those I think you cleverly created a heavy atmosphere with sombre weather conditions and that sun peeping through after enough time had passed to weigh things up with maybe a cooler or more reasoned head on.
    Enjoyed thinking about this, the layout and sparse clues taking me into it's mystery. I bet you had fun creating this - how much to put in, how much to leave out... keep that dusk bloke guessing.

  • L. B. Mek

    such a subtle depiction of the nuances within Regret, sacrifice of self - with its inevitability of 'what if's',
    yet also - in the blank spaces between ink, remain remnants of that pride that chose to cater to another, intentionally - knowingly betraying one version of self, to heroically stay and ink out all the molasses left in the commitment chosen to be prioritised,
    a wonderfully insightful write, immersive in delivery

  • Joe Dawson

    I fancy that many a reader will have, or have had, a pair of those run-away shoes in their wardrobe. The tempest, as you so very well describe, has all the instruments required to direct a wandering heart home. Lovely work Fay. Joe

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

  • Michael Edwards

    Super piece fay.


    ANGELA HERE ~ Good Evening Fay - Thenks again for a whistful ODE of *What might have been !* and *Almost was but wasnt* It resonates with many scenarios in all our own lives ~ when we walked away from Someone or Something and then relented and sneaked back with Guilt & Regret but with a sense of Duty. It has never happened to Brian & I (yet) and we both have Faith - becase of the depth of our love. Like a tree planted by the Water-side We shall not be moved ~ AMEN ! Please check *CURRY* Thanks !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy with Love
    Angela - Brian & Smokey Cat 💛💛💛

  • Goldfinch60

    Duty may win but sometimes the heart battles duty. Wonderful words once more Fay.


  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    "Run away shoes" nice one. I suppose they could be worn, whatever age you may be. Although I shall require 3 pairs, tha other 2 for the Zimmer frame.

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