All on a pleasant meadow


All on a pleasant meadow

     Where lambs tramp the verdure

Like stars by day the flowers

     Twinkle so pure


And here the children laughing

     Spend the spring-time hours

Till nurses from the porches

     Call them indoors


By the blackened hearth-place

     When sets the sun from the dell

The sombre fire lights their faces

     Like a glow from hell




  • Goldfinch60

    A wonderful Fake Blake jarcher54.


    • jarcher54

      I vaguely recall being crestfallen when my then girlfriend said the devils looked like angry teeth!

    • Michael Edwards

      This really appeals to me and great artwork too. Did you leave art behind or do you still practice it?

      • jarcher54

        I'm the guy at work who always gets volunteered to make the signs because I can letter and decorate the margins! Some of my best work says stuff like "Out of Order" or "The Drivers License Office is on the Opposite Side of the Lobby." Did very little real art most of my working days but I have started squeezing in a little watercolor, inspired by my dear friend Pomona Hallenbeck, http://www.sketchboxstudio.com/prints.html

        Thanks for the cheering on. When I retire it's one of the things I plan to do a lot more of.

      • L. B. Mek

        wonderful artwork and I like the imagery in your write,
        very creative - very Blake(esque)

        • jarcher54

          Thank you sir... this thing was buried in a pile with annual statements and the like. Glad someone appreciates it after like 40 years!

        • AuburnScribbler

          A brilliantly flowing little story here, accompanied by a wonderfully crafted "nouveau illumination."

          Looking forward to more "Fake Blakes" and other stuff.

          Take care,

        • Neville

          there is indeed something rather special about these words and artwork... they certainly work together very well...................

        • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

          Ahan you too write light anx playful songs that can be enjoyed both as youthful rhymes and grownup stuff too. The imagery is fabulous. Kudos.!!
          Oh and i just noted that you are a poet not poetess. And maybe you are Texan?

        • ron parrish aka wordman

          lot of great attributes with this write

        • Robert Haigh

          Very much in the style of Blake - both the poem and the illustration. I am a huge William Blake fan, so I like this.

          • jarcher54

            Blake was so unique I do not think we will ever fathom him fully. Can you imagine a world where Blake had not existed?

            I am particularly enthralled by The Chimney Sweeper... the most moving, painfully beautiful, understated punch in the humanity I've ever come across.

            Thanks for the comment, Robert.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Missed this first time round (second time today!) Glad I got here via the usual process (‘ Sow and ye shall..’) Great job – you couldn’t up your output could you? I appreciate you are busy, but you have the goods plus a commitment to this site, so…..?

            While here, your reference to Blake got me going… Beyond Tyger, his poetry was a little two mystical for my somewhat literal mind, so I never got into him. However your reference to The Chimney Sweeper pushed me to investigate. Two TCS’s on Poetry Foundation - are there any more? Of the two I’d be voting for ‘A little black thing…..’. That your choice too?

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