Michael Edwards

UNSAME 1 - 3



He bought a slice of humble pie and served it up with custard.

Such a silly man was he - it should be served with mustard.



When climbing high to reach the crown

Make way for people falling down



Age holds only pain and strife

within the many webs it weaves

and in my fortune’s cup of life

the truth exposed within the leaves.

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  • Published: October 21st, 2020 00:41
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  • dusk arising

    when reading poets on mps
    I note the subjects only fools address
    like next door's teeth and flatulence
    and how the stink travels over our fence
    but that's a secret i'd never impart
    for i live in fear of one more fart

    • Michael Edwards

      Well blow me - I never knew you had it in you.

      • dusk arising

        Go-on, .. I'm ssure you had wind of it.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        ANGELA HERE - Good Morning UNCLE MIKE - Thanks for three very Unsame Odd Odes each with a message for TODAY !

        1, Never chose the WRONG condiment !
        2. RESPONIBILITY (see todays POEM) is better than AMBITION
        3. Tea Bags have alas rendered TASSEOGRAPHERS redundant !

        Love the Painting *Three Little CIRLS for Poole are we*

        Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
        Trust & Pray Jeanne is making good progress
        Love Angela - Brian - S mokey 💛💛💛

        • Michael Edwards

          Great summary - Jeanne continues to improve but is very anxious as indeed am I. thanks for your concern.

        • orchidee

          Good writes and pic M. Hum-Berle Pie. Miss B make it?

          • Michael Edwards

            It mustard be Rhubarb Berle pie.

            • orchidee

              Yes, I tend to assume Humble Pie would be a dessert. But it could equally be a meat or fish pie!

            • Goldfinch60

              Three good unsames Michael, I can particularly relate to the last one.

              Good artwork, back to the other style.


              • Michael Edwards

                thanks Andy - yes my bread and butter style although little call since covid struck.

              • BlueHeron77

                Great write and art! I'm assuming your painting?

                • Michael Edwards

                  Yes most of my postings are accompanied by my work - thanks BH

                  • BlueHeron77

                    Very impressive. Great work. I wish I had the artistic touch.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    wonderful artwork, I spent a few minutes just engrossed in all its little details, reminiscent of so many little town centres or their equivalent nucleus,
                    then that last stanza, standalone: one of the best I have ever read on MPS!
                    I appreciate the idyllic scene depicted in the picture and its purpose as representation of the commonly assumed 'ideal' fruition of our life's efforts,
                    while simultaneously projecting a semblance of peace - a picture of that perfect average we take for granted, until we lose it all - in search of the better tomorrow our ambition's promise...
                    Genius! 'in my humble opinion'

                    • Michael Edwards

                      It'a a watercolour of my local town: Market Harborough. It's a great place to live retaining its character whilst only being an hour or so from London. In fact I used to work two days a month in Wimpole Street and it never took me more one hour 45mins from door to door. The only trouble is that people moving out of London are pushing the property prices ever higher.

                      Thank you for your kind words which are such an encouragement to keep writing and painting.

                    • myself and me

                      How wonderful it could be to live in town like this and have a cup of tea in the colorful afternoon.

                      • Michael Edwards

                        It is a lovely place to live - still a quaint Market town - mind you the locals still complain it's not like it used to be - even during covid the flowers this year have been superb with a great army of volunteers looking after them.

                      • FineB

                        Hello Michael,

                        A wonderful write with some very valid home truths.

                        Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

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