Fay Slimm.

Hold Hard.


Hold Hard.


When autumn creeps nearer

with lessening light

hold hard to each space seen

in grey-cloud denseness.

When glimpsing low sunsets

ripping holes in night

for but a few moments know 

winter's embedding.


Best then to set every hearth 

wood-stooked and ready.


  • dusk arising

    Ere'bouts weem got thaa natrel gaas see. Gon'suz days o sendin out lad fer a log n'eerin 'im slip ovver in snow.

    Brrrrr puts a chill in me reading stuff like your post today especially when sat idle and the old bones feel the cold creeping in.

    There's Cornish in my blood but i can't speak the Cornish tongue.

  • orchidee

    We'll have to get up an hour early to see more daylight then - lighter mornings soon! Nothing else for it. lol.


    Angela Here - Thanks for sharing ! No English County can offset the oncome of Winter as Ocober makes way for November - The first Month of Winter ! Bonfire night wont be that same this Year always a fave night of ours ! In our experience Sunsets on a peninsular - like Cornwall - are always more memorable than Essex ! Thanks for sharing photo we love Castles ! When we bought our first Home we made sure it had an Open Fireplace ! There is plenty of *FREE* fallen wood in the Woods near our House & Handiman Brian has an Electric Bench Saw which reduces it to Firelogs ! The sight - sound & scent of an *Open Fire* stimulates all the senses and it produces the best toasted Muffins and we have a hob with a Black Kettle very Rural. Smokey loves watching the Log Fire ! Please check RESPONSIBILITY - Thanks A & B & C

    Blessings & Joy & Peace
    Love Angela - Brian - Smokey 💛💛💛

  • Michael Edwards

    Batten down - great atmospheric shorty Fay.

  • Brycycle

    lovely poem Fay, the sunsets around this time of year are stunning!

  • Goldfinch60

    Those holes in the clouds at evening end and dawns early ight can be stunning, as are your words Fay.


  • L. B. Mek

    wonderful picture and words Fay, when viewing sunsets or sunrises near archaic building like castles, my mind always tips to that realisation: these walls have witnessed such scenes for hundreds of years and have watched-over so many generations, as we witness the undeniable sanctity of Nature's majesty

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