Michael Edwards

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Suspicions ignored

despairing vacillation

decisions unmade.


Adenoidal twang

An accent not much admired

In blends of catarrh.


Locked in offices

Grey men on small salaries

Submit to boredom


  • Goldfinch60

    Three good one Michael, I especially like the last one as I have seen that in my working life, they just sit at their desks looking so bored.


  • jarcher54

    One should never ignore suspicions!
    Blends of catarrh? Sounds like some sort of homemade watercolors. At my job we do not lock our grey men in. They lock their doors from within!

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks j. not watercolours - more like acrylic - actually I was thinking of the accents where they speak from the back of the throat instead of from the diaphram - cough, splutter . lol

    • orchidee

      Good writes and pic M.
      Sometimes though we might wish we had a bit of time to be bored. 'I should like to have the time' says Miss Berles, 'but I gotta keep constant watch on these syllables!' lol.

      • Michael Edwards

        Miss Berles is in lock down and the syllable shelves are bare - oh woe is us poets !!

      • dusk arising

        I agree, three good ones and clever. Beyond my scope to contribute this morning.

        Creating a picture like today and yesterday must be very difficult, achieving the pleasing finished article is lots more than geometry.

        • Michael Edwards

          It certainly takes concentration - lose it and make a wrong mark and all is lost. There are quite a few in the bin.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          A & B & C here Uncle Mike ~ Good Sunday ~ Three Good Political SENRYU !

          No. 1. Bioris' Brain @ full stretch !
          No. 2. Corbin trying to speak YIDDISH !
          No. 3. Nicola Sturgeons Cabinet !

          Love the Geometric Visual ! Biosynthesis (in a Human Host) of COVID 19 !

          Blessings & NO NO NOVEMBER to You & Yours
          Lockdown Lovin* A & B & Smokey 💛💛💛💛💛
          WE*re back postin* ! Pleas check ODE & FUSION ~ Ta !

          • Michael Edwards

            Love your take on my scribbles - the picture is a bit like a tongue teaser - an eye teaser!!

          • FineB

            Hello Michael,

            An interesting, good write.

            Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

          • Neville

            three of the best Michael .. and like GF60, I too like the last one an awful lot ........................................................... 🙂

            • Michael Edwards

              Not sure they're three of the best but I quite like 'em says he smugly. Cheers N.

              • Michael Edwards

                Not sure they're three of the best but I quite like 'em says he smugly. Cheers N.

              • L. B. Mek

                in your picture I find the muscle, within your words I hear each pulsating beat - both meaningful individually, combined: a shower of insightful observations that entreat us to dwell on the wisdom of your song,
                great pic and write Michael

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