Michael Edwards




Loyalty to the nation

Not an almighty.


Proud to be British

Rejecting idolatry

Free from ritual.


A proud atheist

who doesn’t sing the anthem

is no hypocrite.






Hierarchical monarchy

Morally unjust.


What gives the right

to elite unelected

to wield such power?


The republican

who never sings the anthem

Is not a traitor.





  • orchidee

    On a light note - aww, but the National Anthem is one of Miss Berles and my favourite tunes! Fido even sings to it.
    But to pick up one point - there can be loyalty to an Almighty God, or gods of various sorts. Then a line of a hymn 'Whose service [to God] is freedom'.

    • Michael Edwards

      That assumes there is a god(s) - Miss Berles sings out loud on the telephone wire.

      • orchidee

        I stopped singing! So.... there is a God! heehee.

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      • Goldfinch60

        So very true in both cases Michael.
        If only the majority of good people in the world, and they are the majority, were taken notice of by those supposedly in power.


      • Neville

        whatever way one looks at it.. you just drawn a winner here on this page and in straight sets ..

        • Michael Edwards

          Straight sets of 575 - cheers Neville.

        • Michael Edwards

          If push comes to shove I could sing my own words - I might publish them later in the week .
          Corbyn is not my favourite politician and was reviled when he never sang along but at least in this I had respect for him.

        • Poetic Dan

          My head has gone pop with all things I could say, I'll definitely be giving this a save!

          I still feel the need to say "greed keeps many mouths open and closed" , if you catch my flow 😉

          • Michael Edwards

            Hold on to your head Dan - and yes I get it.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Right on, Michael.

            Regards Dave

            PS I'm old school - can you do me a symbol for fist in the air -I think I'd buy that one.

            • Michael Edwards

              I'll put a fist in the air down for next pen drawing - cheers Dave

              • Michael Edwards

                Quick drawing of a fist posted today.

              • dusk arising

                Absolutely agree with you here. Yet eyes blinded by dogma will think you a traitor.

                It seems loyalty, goodness, patriotism etc have been hijacked by the tradition which ties together monarchy and the organised church.

                Surely our supreme loyalty and responsibility should be to mankind and the planet and not the words or command of a small dubious bunch of characters who are riddled with dual standards.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Well put dusk - great summing up.

                • L. B. Mek

                  it is write's like this that give more relevance to November 11th (UK) and May 25th (USA), we must ever remember those who died to instil within us our freedom right's - to share our thoughts freely,
                  Personally I treasure finding a supportive environment like MPS to post my feeble effort's at Poetic content, I just hope it isn't consumed by the 'us & them' fractions who can't cohabitate with other's opposing mindsets, I think there is room enough for all of us under the ever plentiful sky of Poetry,
                  good to see you posting Michael, hope you continue to utilise this avenue for shading some of the frustration you must be feeling, it all helps my friend, stay strong!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    You express it so well - the word that i always thinks encapsultes in what I firmly believe is respect. Perhaps another is understanding. We do not need to agree nor do we need to condone but with understanding we can appreciate other points of view.
                    Yes a great site where most of us show understanding of opposing views and we do so with respect.

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