Notice of absence from Neville

Good Mane to one and all .. I just thought between clearing the drive of snow and trying to set off for the airport I better let those that might be interested know of my proposed leave of absence .. Off to the Algarve for a couple of weeks .. Say safe n well and catch ya upon my eventual return .. AGT's Neville :)



My word

that view was something

wasn’t it

Something else entirely

where other

might one ponder and for

so very long and free


Gazing on

these orchard fields

where row pon row

of England’s

most finest

both do grow and yield

each fresh harvest


Tis here

I might just lay

at least until the morrow

with scent of fallen

bruised and weeping fruit

all about n laid

mid bramble and bracken



both russet and gold

my word, tis such a heady pillow

Now sorely needed

on which to drown

one’s immeasurable sorrow …


  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 19th, 2020 00:16
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  • Goldfinch60

    The glory of Nature's wonder and bounty in your words Neville.


    • Neville

      My word, we are both early birds today Andy my friend .. many thanks for being my first call of this new day .. All Good Things,


    • orchidee

      Cooeee, I'm fairly early too! lol. Good write Neville.

      • Neville

        You are indeed Orchidee & thank you for waiting up for me ..... stay warm, safe n well ....
        you know wot I mean ....

        • orchidee

          Did I even go to bed last night? Doubt it - I stayed up, waiting for your amazing poem!

        • Fay Slimm.

          Drowning in your fruitiest description of apple harvest reminds me of times I did just that and found troubles melted away with the glorious scent of fallen lushness.......... a great first read of my morning dear Nev.........x

          • Neville

            I apologise for responding so late to your ever so kind visit and review my dear friend and poet .. I am, as always grateful for the kindness, support and encouragement you show toward my little scribbles ... x

          • L. B. Mek

            really like your last stanza and the 'feel - tone' of the voice in this write, has a sense of 'mellowed despair': an apt description of 2020 as a whole I think

            • Neville

              Thank you my friend .. that is certainly one way of looking at it .... not the best year is it, not by a long chalk ....

            • dusk arising

              Fallen fruit indeed. For our fields have not seen the fruit of our youth fallen for many centuries but an orchard strewn with fallers will always bring to mind the disgraceful deathly export of our fruit to flanders field and the like.

              Beauty is a reflection of the souls sorrow.... amplified in me with your fine words today.

              • Neville

                I always get a kick when a metaphor falls into line with another's train of thought .. and even more so when that other just happens to be a peer for whom I have a great deal of respect .... like write now .........................

              • Clara

                Your work is definitely something to be admired... Poetry in its most poetic form. Pleases all of the senses.

                • Neville

                  ................. wow, you really are far to kind my friend .. but I do like it .... may thanks indeed Clara ...

                • Michael Edwards

                  Reads like a sultry autumn day in sun ripe pleasureness.

                  • Neville

                    ........................Twas luverly while it lasted .. I think .. Cheers Michael

                  • Dove

                    Such beauty your words, here I have windfallen oranges,
                    mostly half eaten oranges that Squirrels drop upon the ground
                    Tiny little peels strewn all over the place

                    Yet your vision almost romantic feel,

                    Loved it

                    • Neville

                      Thank you kindly RB .. windfallen oranges sounds just like my cuppa tea ..................................
                      bless ya

                      .... Neville

                    • Christina8

                      Such beautiful poetry....I loved the last stanza about the windfallen apples, so eloquently written!...C

                      • Neville

               very bloomin kind my friend .... it is good to have you back ...

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