My Joy

Leaves drained of their vibrant green

Snow gently falling on the ground,

Deer sneaking around in the meadow

All without making a sound.


Winter is here with slick, icy roads

With COVID and others to boot,

Thanksgiving is around the corner

And then we get our Christmas loot!


Family is the name of the game

Friends are welcome too,

Friends are family we pick

Bonds stuck together like glue.


Joy beams from my heart

I love this time of year!

For the birth of our Savior

My family, friends and my dear



    ANGELA HERE ~ Good Morning Christina - MPS is a happier place with one of Your Seasonal Odes. Thanksgiving & Christmas and a New Team - Captain Joe & Malala - at the helm of the GOOD SHIP USA ~ AMEN ! *Trump has PASSED & COVID 19 Too shall Pass* and this time Next Year both will be part of Fantasy Fiction ~ AMEN !
    COVID 19 has been a blight on all OUR LIVES - BUT we have controlled FLU with a VACCINE and a similar fate is in sight for COVID 19 too. Thanks for the JOY & OPTIMISM in your Loving Poem !

    Benediciones y Alegria a Tu y La Tua Famillia
    Con Amor Angela - Brain y El Gato Ahumido !!!
    Please check *A OWL IN A CHRISTMAS TREE* Thanks !

    • Christina8

      Thank you so much for your reply, Angela!! Yes, joe and KAMALA* will be a welcome addition to the white seems like forever till they get there, you know? January 20th at noon can't come soon enough!!!! Anyway, I'm glad you liked my little poem. I will try to write more.
      Con Amor, Christina Benediciones y Alegeria a tu y la Tua familia tambien!!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good to see you back Christina. That joy of friends and family will always be with you and us.


      • Christina8

        Thanks so much Andy, good to be back. Will try to write more. Thanks again!! Christina

      • orchidee

        We got no turkeys in UK until December! lol. Good write Christina.

        • Christina8

          Thank you orchidee!! Glad to be back. Christina

        • Neville

          Yes, good to see you back Christina .. a nifty and nice seasonal poem for this, your fave time of year ....

          • Christina8

            Absolutely good to be back!! Everyone will be seeing more of me now that Christmas is rounding the corner........thanks for liking my poem.....C

            • Neville

              ................................................................................... you are most welcome .. my pleasure

            • dusk arising

              Great time of year but brrrrr isn't it cold. Great tribute to our entering this strange winter ahead.

              P.S. There is hard evidence which proves Jesus was not born in winter at all. The winter celebration we now call christmas was hijacked by the christian churches from an older pagan celebration at this time of year. The facts are all freely available on google. However, it's great tradition which I wouldn't try to change.

              • Christina8

                Oh no I totally agree, we have no idea what time jesus was born, definitely not in the winter season, but the christians had to pair it with the Yule.

                Thanks for enjoying my poem, I plan to be around more often. :) Christina

              • Fay Slimm.

                Grand to read of your joy at this time of year dear Christina - - what a thrill to see shy deer in silent meadows - - I love your description of family gatherings as we all look forward to those - - a beautiful write my friend and thanks you for sharing it.

                • Christina8

                  My pleasure to share, Fay! Glad you enjoyed.....Christina

                • Michael Edwards

                  This is the 'belly food' of good cheer and optimism - love it and sorry I missed it yesterday - anyway better late than never

                  • Christina8

                    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, glad you enjoyed!

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