In the Vacant Spaces of Quietude


In the  vacant spaces of quietude

when rain turns the sidewalk to grey

I listen carefully to my soul

Wind-sweeping sad emotions 

Infiltrating  the beauty of my heart 


Hear my heartbeat  


Tears don’t always manifest into pain

Remembering your soft lips 

We were happy as the stars 

in  the nights calming glow  


Hear my Sighs  of pleasure   


Do you remember how

I trembled in your tender embrace!

The  Sounds of our love 

as we gazed into each others eyes  


Hear the peaceful   


Once upon a time we had the world

Now, all there’s left are the raindrops 

and the quietude of emptiness 

and  my soul missing you  


Hear my heart sigh


  • Author: Dove (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 21st, 2020 10:24
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 86
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  • dusk arising

    Be positive, for in your life there has been the joy of love which is denied to so many for so many differing reasons. Deep emotional love with it's physical coupling is a gem. It may come again, it may not, but rejoice in the fact that you have felt the exhilaration of the finest emotions known to mankind.

    Great poetry with atmospheric melancholy of reminiscence.

    • Dove

      Thanks, best wishes for the Holidays

    • orchidee

      Yep, I remember and I.....
      Do shut up Orchi. You'll ruin the tempo of the poem! lol.

      • Dove

        Thanks again! Happy Holidays

      • Fay Slimm.

        A touching read Dove - your versing of emotional togetherness is so clear and relatable. Another gem of a write.

        • Dove

          Awe much appreciated, thanks again! Best wishes

        • Neville

          there appears to be a thread of both regret and desolation running through your finely crafted poem .. I particularly like the way you have punctuated each space between verses with an auditory utterance ..

          yes indeed .. I enjoyed todays offering my friend .....................

          • Dove

            Thank you kindly dear Sir, much appreciated! Take Care! Best wishes to you and yours

          • Michael Edwards

            Having read Neville's posting and now this one I've gone to mush - and now for the schnaps.

            • Dove

              He he! Best wishes to you and yours! Thank you kindly

            • RDS

              As much as you may place this as sad, I can't help but be somewhat consoled to be reminded in the first verse:
              "Wind-sweeping sad emotions

              Infiltrating the beauty of my heart"
              That life moves through us rather than acting upon us. Then continues to reflect on the tenderness of loss, for those who have leapt and wept. Thank you.

              • Dove

                Thanks, yes there beauty in the heart! Thanks again for stopping by

              • FineB

                A poignant sad write but beautiful.

                Thank you.

                Keep writing ✍ and safe during lockdown.

                • Dove

                  Thanks again for stopping by, blessings to you !

                • Goldfinch60

                  Very emotive write RB but beautifully written.
                  Those raindrops that are left will evaporate and form into love's mist one day.


                  • Dove

                    Thanks again Andy, much appreciated! Best to you

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