Michael Edwards








When photographing a piece of cheese

to make it smile or even smirk

you must be nice and you must say please

for just saying  ‘cheese’  will never work.


To get it to smile you must have a plan

it needs patience and persevering

and always speak out as loud as you can

for cheese is most hard of hearing.



  • Goldfinch60

    PARDON!! Can't hear you.


  • orchidee

    Oh lol, good write and pic M. You seen that Cheshire cat yet? Will it grin?!

  • Doggerel Dave

    A loverly piece of matured Whimsy; piquant with subtle flavors of rhyme.


  • L. B. Mek

    Michael this theme is getting a bit cheesy, or maybe that's just me and my incessant need for ever-witty commentary, lol
    (forgive me, I was dropped one too many times as a child)

    • Michael Edwards

      May be it's cheesy but as long as it doesn't grate.
      It's one thing to be dropped but were you ever picked up?


      • Michael Edwards

        May be it's cheesy but as long as it doesn't grate.
        It's one thing to be dropped but were you ever picked up?


      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        BRIAN HERE ~ Good Thorsday Uncle Mike ! Love the VISUAL ~ my Grandmama has a Dinner Service just like that in Blue & White ~ awesome !

        Talking to Cheesy is never easy
        With GOUDA one has to speak LOUDA
        With CHESHIRE a little more PRESHIRE
        With DANISH BLUE one must Bill & Cue
        WENSLEYDALE likes to make you WALE
        Talk nicely to BRIE ~ sit her on your KNEE
        Speak in Greek to FETA ~ You*ll never FORGETA
        GO the extra MILE & you*ll make them all SMILE
        I could go on ~ BUT ~ my coffee breaks GONE !

        Blessings & Prayers to You & Jeanne
        Love Angela - Brian - Smokey 💛💛💛
        Please check our THANKSGIVING POEM ~ Thanks ABC

        • Michael Edwards

          Any type for me - trouble is it's not the healthiest option eaten in excess.

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          We have a load of idiots chase a cheese down a steep hill just up the road from us, once a year, half of them have various limbs removed from various orifices by paramedics. They all be nuts.
          I admire your patience with the, I assume, inking.
          Thanks for the smile.

          • Michael Edwards

            we have a village near us where they hold an annual bottle kicking championship - been going for millenia but put at risk these days by continual risk assessments by the woke brigade.

          • Goddess of the Mist

            Mmmm, yummy. Cheese.

            • Michael Edwards

              And what type is your favourite.

              • Goddess of the Mist

                I love almost all cheese, but one of the best I've had was a smoked gouda. Delicious.

              • dusk arising

                As i said to the milkman 'dairy Lee' this morning. I think you're wasting your time trying to get a one night stand with 'prim Ula'. You might as well stuff it in a gorgons 'ola.

              • Neville

                Oh' you silly pickle, this is grate mate .. ya just made me salivate ...

                ..................very tasty indeed, pardon:)

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