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Following the logic of the ridiculous current PC debate about calling seamen seapersons it follows that:



Demanding        =          depersonding

Kleptomaniac        =       kleptopersoniac

Seamanship         =         seapersonship

Showmanship       =        showpersonship

Inhumanity         =          inhupersonity

Humanistic           =         hupersonistic

Hypermanic          =        hyperpersonic

Romantic             =          ropersontic

Unmannerly        =          unpersonerly

Mandatory            =        persondatory

Manhood           =         personhood

Manservant           =       personservant

Roman                =           Roperson





  • Goldfinch60

    Persony things are in our lives that should have nosreps changed but the personagement of our nation do mot understand.


  • Doggerel Dave

    Is it not possible, Michael, that conceivably you may perhaps have gone very slightly over the top with respect to the political correctness debate?
    Entertainment of the first degree though and puss upstairs will remain with me for a very long time.as will all of your imagery.
    Regards Dave
    PS: Ain't grey over here - it's hot as the hobs of hell!!

    • Michael Edwards

      Exagerate! Exagerate!
      It's part of the art of good debate.
      Over the top! Over the top!
      It's better than being under your bot.

      Yeh - grey as a badgers bum here in the UK.
      Cheers DD

    • Doggerel Dave

      Another poem - am I the inspiration or wot....?.....not?
      Look after yourself Michael.

    • orchidee

      What to do for my poems, mentioning 'man'. I often adjust it to 'mankind', to include women. Now it will have to be 'personkind'. That mucks up the syllables, I expect! Will Miss Berles allow it?
      And what about 'thee' and 'ye' and 'thou'? A cue for another poem?

      • Michael Edwards

        Perhaps we should declare a manfree zone and woe the man who enters - wo-man getit?

        • orchidee

          Or will it be wo-person soon?! This is getting silly. lol.

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        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          I watched some of this on telly, some brain dead moron was saying fishermen should be called fisherpersons cause there were a few women on the fishing vessels now, so they interviewed one, after she finished laughing she said she didn't care what she was called, and reading between the lines she, like I, think it's a load of men's bits. Or is that persons bits? Which doesn't make sense.
          Love the artwork today Michael.
          Best wishes to you both

          • Michael Edwards

            Aw thanks - it sure is getting out of hand - did you hear about the football commentator who has been suspended because, when there was an altercation on the pitch, he referred to it as a case of 'handbags'. Dafts I calls it! l

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Angela Here - Good Sunday UNCLE MIKE ~ You have scored a Double Whammy today !
            FIRST ~ SMOKEY loves his portrait ! Hope you dont mind - I ve copied it & expanded it and hung it over Smokeys bed ~ hes had a silly grin ever since ! The check is in the past !
            SECOND ~ Well done with the Poem ~ it meets two of the three Criteria for a *Modern Peom* ! It lacks Rhyme & Rhythm but there is a modicum of Reason. Words like MANPOWER have stood alongside HORSEPOWER unchallenged for centuries. PERSONPOWER sound like a deoderant ! WOMANPOWER is yet another glossy magazine on Cosmetics & Fashion & Lingerie ! Our verdict on WORDS is *If they aint broke dont fix them !* Thanks for a Sunday Morning Smile in these days of Boris Lockdown !

            How isJeanne ? You are always in our Prayers
            Love Angela Brian & Smiling Smokey 💛💛💛

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks for your lovely reply. Jeanne's cancer turned out to secondary to kidney cancer she had 8 years ago. This was the best outcome as the metastasis has been removed and the PET scan showed no other indications. She is now on 6 monthly CTs so it's fingers crossed. She has been very low but is now getting back to her old self so alls good.

            • Fay Slimm.

              I laughed out loud at some of these hilarious alterations dear Michael - - I hope to hire a personal personservant when I become rich........... ha ha

              • Michael Edwards

                Make sure you personage her/him (see I'm being very PC) closely Fay.

              • orchidee

                Are you a personable character (no need to change it back to 'man')?! Is Miss Berles too?

              • L. B. Mek

                *Michael, your write triggered me - again, so I ended up on another tirade and messed-up your page, please delete comment if you want, very sorry*
                just wish I was back in school doing those darned word count essays, imagine the amount of words counted-out covering all your socially aware PC bases,
                pfftttt I would laugh in the face of 500 words, probably fill that up by trying to please everyone at the start:
                'to those who recognise themselves as a he or she or other or other's, or better yet: literately capable existence or entity or other, or other's, let me start or begin or commence, what I would like or hope (non faith based optimism perspective), or wish (non fairy tale approval POV)...' lmao!
                as satirically witty as ever Michael, keep em coming sharp, respectful but unashamedly confrontational to those who refuse to engage in open debate:
                lets talk it all out and make the whole world a social sponge for our individual frailty's, we can have prime minister's question time in football stadiums and let the democratically voted wisdom of Boris soothe all our fears and nurture our every need,
                I mean who cares about suicide rates, disgraceful treatment of our elderly and Vets, social networking's parasites - bullying our kids or worse grooming them for who knows what,
                capitalism's drug victims (that's the pushers and addicts and jails/motels, of that highly profitable multi billion dollar trade mind you)...
                that's right it's 2020 a whole year mismanaged into oblivion - so let's feel empowered by assuming changing pronouns will hit a switch of inclusivity and we can raise even more money for those 'charity' activist's, making 'all the difference to our everyday lives'...
                what's that? 20% of USA university students living under poverty line conditions? UK food bank charities calculate additional 673'000 people falling into destitution by end of 2020 and the rest of the world?...
                yup, let's debate the important shit all fck'ng day long!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Certainly won't delete your comment. I've read it several times and appreciate every word. I do hesitate at posting these sort of writes as I have the one posted today - I DREW.
                  No matter where we stand in any of the current debates it would be a sad world if we can't stand back and see and appreciate a bit of humour. I sometimes think that those who seek change (often I agree for the better) become too intense in their cause and would achieve far more with a smile and a bit of humility.

                  • L. B. Mek


                  • Suresh

                    I love man darins, but now I. can't ask for them - dam you M!

                    You do know how to excite the chat room.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      A bit of fun - you'll have to ask for clepersontines. 😋

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